Bunions – Relieve The Pain

Most bunion sufferers don’t actually know the variety of solutions that exist to help relive their pain. As a result, most bunion pain sufferers simply try and live with it.  We are here to change that!  Read on for effective solutions for bunion pain.

Where do bunions come from anyway?

Experts believe that it is poor-fitting, closed-toe footwear that worsens bunion pain.  There is a misconception that it is tied to cold weather.  A bunion is called “hallux abducto valgus” in the medical community and refers to a progressive condition where the big toe grows diagonally, causing a bump on the inner foot. It is most often hereditary, but can also be caused, or worsened, by inappropriate footwear and faulty walking patterns. When patients visit with a BioPed Foot Specialist (Canadian Certified Pedorthist or Registered Chiropodist), some of them are shocked to learn that their bunion is a result of having one leg slightly longer than the other, or from having arches that have collapsed.


Bunion Pain or Arthritic Feet?

There is a similar condition where the “bump” is not on the inner side of your foot, but instead is on the top of the big toe joint.  This is actually a form of arthritis and cold weather actually does contribute to pain.


Relief for your Bunion Pain

Once your bunion cause and diagnosis are determined, it’s important to correct it before the need for surgery. There are many things you can do – stretching your calf muscles daily can help if a tight calf muscle is contributing to your problem. Icing your inflamed “bump” after activity reduces inflammation. Wearing proper footwear, with stretch and extra toebox width can accommodate even the largest bunion. Bunion sufferers should diligently be wearing true, hand-crafted orthotics, made by certified or licensed foot specialists, in each pair of shoes.  This will help to correct the way you walk and slow the progression of bunion growth. Be weary of getting orthotics from non-certified or non-licensed foot specialists, as MORE damage can actually be done, than good.

If you are among the many bunion sufferers who experiences corns, calluses or ingrown toenails as a result of your bunion, you should visit with a Registered Chiropodist for added relief. They offer comfortable treatment of skin and nail disturbances and can offer a splint to keep your toes better aligned.  To find a good Registered Chiropodist, click here.

Having trouble finding a go-to closed toe shoe or a true, hand-crafted orthotic by a Foot Specialist/Expert? Does your bunion throb even after you take off your shoes? Ask our Canadian Certified Pedorthists or Registered Chiropodists for help. They can recommend a shoe with an appropriate width, that can also accommodate a custom orthotic that they can hand-craft for you. Find a location by clicking here.

Additional Bunion Solutions

Bunion Aligners

Bunion aligners  gently re-align the big toe towards its natural position to help minimize bunion pain & discomfort. They can be used stand-alone with or without custom orthotics and can help delay arthritis of the big toe.  Good ones should fit comfortably into shoes.

Bunion Relief Sleeves

Bunion Relief Sleeves work instantly to absorb pressure and are designed to be soft against the skin.  The gel pads cushion the bunion joint. Good ones will fit inside footwear.  Some will also provide mild compression.

Bunion Night Splints

Bunion Night Splints help keep your big toe aligned overnight.  A soft bumper pad cushions the big toe while a strap acts as a lever to gradually align the big toe, relieving discomfort.

Gel Toe Spacers/Separators

Gel Toe Spacers/Separators fit between the big toe and the second toe while gently hugging the bunion to cushion and protect it from friction and pressure.  Some provide vitamin E and mineral oil to soothe and soften skin. They come in slim a design fits easily in most shoes.

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