Common Contagious Toe Conditions: Fungus or Bacteria?

Have you ever looked in between your toes? Some people are shocked to see more than just sock fluff. If the skin in between your toes looks ultra-white and moist, you probably have contracted a contagious toe condition. But, what condition is it?

The culprit of the whitened, wet-looking (and sometimes peeling) skin in between your toes can either be a fungus or a bacterium. If a fungal infection is the cause, it’s called Interdigital Tinea Pedis and also known as “Athlete’s Foot.” However, if a bacterium is the cause, the condition is called “Erythrasma.”

Both conditions are treated with a medicated cream but Athlete’s Foot requires an anti-fungal medication and Erythrasma requires an antibiotic. It is best to consult a BioPed Chiropodist (Foot Specialist) to determine which medication to use and if a prescription is required.

Remember, if you see this whitened, moist skin in between your toes, it is best stop walking around barefoot as you can pass either condition on to friends and family.

How to Avoid Contracting a Contagious Toe Condition?

      1. Avoid walking barefoot, especially in locker rooms, saunas, around pools and anywhere that is warm and moist.
      2. Kindly ask your pedicurist how they sterilize their instruments. Dirty pedicure equipment can spread the infection between clients.
      3. Keep your feet dry. Carefully dry in between your toes after showers, swimming or bathing and if your feet sweat during the day, wear breathable shoes and sweat-wicking socks.
      4. See a BioPed Chiropodist for regular foot care. They can help you ward off foot infection or quickly identify the infection and recommend appropriate treatment.


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