Our clinics remain open to serve you for all foot, ankle, knee, or leg concerns. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us and as such, we have implemented in-depth cleaning and protective measures at all of our clinics. Additionally, to prevent wait times and ensure proper physical distancing, we encourage you to book a one-on-one appointment with our clinician. In order to ensure your safety and that of our staff, at your appointment you will be required to wear a mask and answer a few health-related questions.

To request an appointment online or to call us for an appointment, please visit our locations page to find the clinic nearest you. We look forward to seeing you!

If you would like more information around our Covid-19 Protocols, click here.

Footcare & Custom Orthotics For The Entire Family
Footcare & Custom Orthotics For The Entire Family
Do More of What You Love To Do… What’s Your “More”?

How It Works


The Leading Provider of Footcare, Since 1981
The Leading Provider of Footcare, Since 1981
What do we love more than feet? The people they are attached to! The core of BioPed Footcare is helping
Canadians “do more” of what they love to do. Lower-limb pain can be a debilitating barrier to staying active.
If your feet, hips, knees or legs slow you down, trust the specialists who have been doing it for over 35 years!
Footcare & Orthotic Shoe Inserts… Custom Fit Processes & Solutions For Your Family!
Footcare & Orthotic Shoe Inserts… Custom Fit
Processes & Solutions For Your Family!
On a daily basis, we see foot conditions of every kind across our network. From very rare, complex cases, to simple, everyday discomfort, we get Canadians back to their lives. Test our knowledge risk-free, by visiting us for an initial evaluation. There is no obligation! Just plain old talking about what’s going on with your feet, what we determine is the issue and explaning how we can help. Take us up on our Love Guarantee that ensures you are happy with our services!
Need Fast Relief? Get Full, Custom Orthotics, In 24-Hours!*

*Select Clinics. Some Restrictions May Apply.

Custom Orthotics

This is what we’re known for! We have built our reputation on manufacturing the Highest Quality Custom Shoe Inserts. Manufactured on-site, by the same Footcare Specialist who assessed your feet, we have seen it all over our 35-year history! Test our knowledge with a risk-free assessment today!

Medical Footcare*

For all of your lower-limb conditions, we provide both medical and non-medical treatments. There are many ways to address issues and we can provide them all!
Let us show you how we can help and provide the best solutions for your feet!

*Select Clinics

Proper Footwear

To maximize your care, proper footwear should be a given. We’re not just talking widths – we’re talking about the right fit for your unique feet! Everyone has different needs, and we get you into the right footwear, going as far as building a pair custom for you, if that’s what is needed. What do you need? Let us help determine that for you!

Knee & Ankle Bracing

Whether it’s knee or ankle pain, we are here for your support! From complicated cases of osteoarthritis, to the everday grind, we’ve got you covered. Our Certified Brace Fitters get you into the right brace, with the right fit, for the right activity. Let us show you how with a risk-free initial evaluation.

Compression Socks

For those that sit or stand for long periods of time, compression socks help to circulate bloodflow, keeping you at your best. Whether it’s to get you through the workday, a flight, a marathon, a long weekend, or even a pregnancy (shout out to the soon-to-be mom’s out there), find the right compression sock for you, in the right style and colour to suit your personality.

Foot Creams & Accessories

We have complete solutions for your feet and legs. Creams or foams for dry skin or fungus, massage balls for deep tissue massage, bunion aligners to straighten things out, and that is just the start! Give your local BioPed Footcare clinic a call and we can arrange a full, guided tour of what we have to offer you to help you get through your activities.

Trust our experience, knowing that your feet are in the right hands.
The largest team of Foot Specialists in Canada, offering both medical and non-medical services.
We define our success by the number of people whose quality of life we improve.
Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost of an Initial Evaluation?

At BioPed Footcare, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise to make the world a more comfortable place to be, all without obligation. This means that we perform our initial evaluations, which includes a history taking, range-of-motion testing and education of your lower-limb issues, without an up-front fee. We will advise you on how we believe that we can help with your issue(s), as well as provide advice on finding the right footwear and footcare products for you. Bring your issues to us comfortably, without feeling any obligation!

Are Your Services Covered By OHIP or Other Provincial Insurance?

Our products and services typically fall outside of the standard, Provincially Funded Health Care Programs. Depending on the region, programs such as Worker’s Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) or the Assistive Devices Program, there may be partial or full coverage available. Our best recommendation is to get in touch with our clinic and we can discuss your particular scenario.

Are Your Services Covered By Third Party Insurance?

If you have third party insurance through your employer or other, BioPed Footcare is considered a preferred provider for most of our products and services, with all major providers. We prepare all the necessary paperwork to properly submit your claim to your provider for coverage.

How Much Do Custom Orthotics Typically Cost?

The process starts with an initial evaluation. At BioPed Footcare, this is done at no-charge. Custom Orthotics, if required and you choose to proceed, can vary widely in cost, depending on what work needs to be done and what materials are used. The average range is from $400-$500.

Do You Do Direct Billing?

When your provider allows for it, we are able to direct bill your insurance provider for our products and services. Typically, this method of payment is determined by your provider and/or employer, and is not a decision at our clinic on whether we will accept it. If your plan allows for it, we are more than happy to submit a direct bill to your provider.