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BioPed Foot Pain & Custom Orthotics Specialists

For over 30 years, BioPed’s 75 clinics across Canada have been specializing in custom orthotics for relieving foot pain, including plantar fasciitis. Our foot specialists develop a treatment plan that can include a combination of Custom Orthotics, Compression Stockings, Knee & Ankle Bracing, Orthopaedic Footwear and other Footcare Products and Services, including Chiropody. Our foot experts both evaluate your pain and hand-craft your custom orthotics in our signature on-site lab for a quick turnaround and on-the-spot adjustments, all to ensure the relief of your foot pain, heel pain, knee pain and ankle pain. BioPed also specializes in diabetic foot care and offers a lineup of foot creams to treat cracked/dry feet and nail fungus.


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Our Products

At BioPed, your custom orthotics are manufactured, fitted and adjusted on-site by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist – the same professional who understands your history, your condition and lifestyles goals. And to help you get [comfortably] on your feet, we also carry only the highest quality footwear, lower limb braces and compression brands.


Your custom-made orthotics are hand-crafted by highly skilled Canadian Certified Pedorthists in our on-site lab. Exceptional quality. The best fit. Maximum convenience.


Whatever your lifestyle at work, home or play, you’ll find orthotic-friendly footwear in appealing and fashionable styles for almost every foot condition – fit by certified experts!


Select from a wide range of custom and non-custom compression stockings – designed to provide a healthy circulation boost and help eliminate symptoms of pain, swelling and fatigue.


BioPed custom and non-custom knee and ankle braces can help reduce discomfort from common conditions such as osteoarthritis and Patellafemoral Pain syndrome.


SOLE over-the-counter footbeds feature a supportive base layer that molds to your unique foot requirements as well as cushioning for added comfort.


Footlogix – the next generation of skin care products for the feet, have been specifically developed to treat a variety of skin and nail conditions affecting the foot.

Why Choose BioPed?

BioPed’s unique assessment, fabrication, fitting and adjustment processes are dedicated to ensure we achieve the best result for each patient. Each client receives a thorough hands-on clinical evaluation, focused on your history, your condition, your lifestyle and your goals.

The BioPed Experience

The unique BioPed experience is delivered through Canadian Certified Pedorthists whose aim is to alleviate pain, enhance movement and comfort and improve your quality of life.

On-Site Labs

Each BioPed Clinic is equipped with an on-site lab where Canadian Certified Pedorthists hand-craft custom orthotics, provide adjustments and deliver specialized fitting services.

Certified Pedorthists

Our highly skilled Canadian Certified Pedorthists receive on-going, highly specialized training delivered by medical specialists in knee, lower limb and foot biomechanics.

What Ails You?

Learn about commonly diagnosed lower limb conditions including the causes, symptoms and recommended treatments related to foot, knee, leg and ankle pain.

Chiropody (Foot Care) Specialists

Chiropody services are now available at a growing number of BioPed clinics. Treatments are offered for both adults and children. No Physician referral is required.

Praise From Clients

There’s simply nothing more encouraging than receiving the many thank-you notes and letters from our clients. Their confidence and trust is our best reward!

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