There’s SO Many Reasons To Work With BioPed!  Here are the Top 100 reasons, provided by our very own people!

There are SO many reasons to work with BioPed. Whether you are a potential owner, manager, Canadian Certified Pedorthist, Registered Chiropodist, Footcare Nurse, Pedorthic Technician, Pedorthic Apprentice, Patient Coordinator, or other contributor, here are 100 reasons to want to work with us!

100 Reasons To Work With BioPed, in the words of our own people!

  1. Collaborate Across A Network of 50+ Clinics When You Need Support.
  2. Work for a High-Integrity, First-Class Organization, That Puts Clients First.
  3. We Give Back To Our Communities!  We’ve had an economic impact in Haiti of over $2,100,000!
  4. Approachable Management – Call or Text Our CEO at 416-316-7965!
  5. We were voted #1 Franchise for Women To Work For!  All the Women, Who Independent, Throw Your Hands Up At Meeee!
  6. We are also good to the Men… so here is your trophy, Boys!  🏆
  7. The People! BioPed is an amazing team!
  8. We were just awarded the Corporate Citizen of the Year with Canadian Franchise Association, for Soles4Souls program!
  9. I’m empowered to own my neighbourhood!
  10. I can be in business FOR myself, rather than BY myself.
  11. 100% Canadian!  We stand on guard (comfortably) for thee!  🇨🇦
  12. Our On-Site Labs to best service clients – quick turnaround time and unlimited on-the-spot adjustments.
  13. We have a great reputation with doctors.
  14. Investment into continuing education.  Don’t Stop!  Belieeeeving…. (Wait, sorry, wrong song)…
  15. We can be part of committees that help influence the direction of the company.
  16. Work-Life Balance.
  17. Generous Benefits Package!
  18. Access to educational resources for my industry.
  19. Our youthful energy… including from our Area Business Manager, who’s 60 years old and still plays in a band called the “Urban Rednecks”!  🤟
  20. We are highly respected by our partners – physicians, insurance companies etc.
  21. The change in pace between client assessment work, to lab & manufacturing work.
  22. I love being able to run my own business with help from those around me.
  23. I can raise my family AND still have a great career.
  24. Travelling on a shoe distribution trip to Haiti and spending a week in a bus with other BioPed people is AMAZING!
  25. We are like a little work family in our clinic, and part of a bigger, network-wide family too.
  26. I’m grateful for the support from Head Office!
  27. Continuing Education at my own pace through the BioPed Learning Center… which I can access anywhere – even Starbucks!
  28. BioPed loves to give back to our community – eg. Annual Easter Seals event, Soles4Souls program.
  29. We manufacture our own orthotics, start to finish!
  30. Network-wide contests!  We love the competition and bragging rights!  But don’t worry, it’s friendly-competition… unless you’re winning… then you guys risk being tied up and left in your lab.
  31. Diversity of the people that I can interact with each day.
  32. An established social media presence!  That’s something to .
  33. Candace, The Head Office Manager, always gets things done!
  34. It’s been proven that the colour orange brings out more flattering skin tones.
  35. I enjoy working as part of a team, while maintaining my individualism!
  36. Our broard range of products allows us to service clients with any condition!
  37. The Talent Level in the company is lit!
  38. We hardly ever say something is “lit”.
  39. The guided approach of BioPed Head Office to our franchises – helping and guiding, as opposed to telling and forcing.
  40. Najia, our controller, makes a killer butter chicken lunch!  Killer, in the good way!
  41. Belong to a large network that all have the same goals that celebrate wins together!
  42. Very friendly working environment… there’s lots of please and thank you’s!
  43. Good job security with the ability to move between clinics, if necessary, to better suit your personal life.
  44. We have our BioPed Learning Centre to keep connected to the latest news of the company.
  45. We have lots of educational materials to give to our clients, so they understand their condition better.
  46. We give out free shoes!  Except it’s to people who need them most, through our Soles4Souls program where used shoes help lift people out of poverty.
  47. WHIMIS (Health & Safety) Training.
  48. Supportive group of colleagues who are always available for help & support.
  49. A managed Marketing program with head office support.
  50. Pedorthic mentors are always willing to coach those that are eager to learn.
  51. Nobody is smarter than everybody!  But there are a lot of big brains in our network!
  52. Internal Marketplace to purchase items I need.
  53. Our BioPed Conference!  It’s amazing that you get us the best of the best out there to share their knowledge and expertise!
  54. Our teamwork!  There is a lot of Team Collaboration. Yaaaaaaaay TEAM!
  55. I love being part of the most reputable Pedorthic company in Canada.
  56. BioPed is quickly becoming well-known to the public.
  57. BioPed’s Pedorthic Exam Prep Course was created by some of our Top Pedorthists, to help prepare Pedorthic Candidates twice a year, so they can be fully prepared and ensure we all follow the same Pedorthic Treatment Protocol.
  58. Sharing best practises IS one of our best practises!
  59. Opportunity for Individual Growth – Management and/or Ownership.
  60. I love that I’ve hired new staff and I can send them to the BioPed Learning Centre for training!!!  I don’t have to do it all!!
  61. We play music in the office and everyone appreciates my uncoordinated dance moves… really, they do!
  62. Having too much to drink and staying up way too late at the BioPed Conference.
  63. Our CEO likes to get dirty doing Spartan Runs.
  64. As a network, suppliers give us the best prices possible, since we have such high volumes on a network basis!
  65. It’s nice to be recognized for our achievements and tenure at Conference, in front of our colleagues!
  66. Develop personal relationships with so many colleagues within my industry!
  67. Head office is friggin’ fantastic!
  68. Easy going & informal work environment.
  69. Social Night at the BioPed Conference.
  70. We can have fun at work and no one takes things too seriously.
  71. Bringing lunch to work, but then always buying lunch with my group instead!  In the name of team bonding…
  72. We have pot lucks for holidays and other special days usually once a month!  I love that my staff invites me to pot lucks and asks me to buy pizza instead!?!
  73. Ability to chat with colleagues openly about work & life.
  74. A team of head office staff manages our website for us!
  75. Lisa, one fo the Marketing Education Coordinator’s, knows how to open the gates (receptionist gatekeepers).
  76. Gina (our Director of Partner Relations)’s Laugh makes me laugh, no matter how the day is going!
  77. Doug, our Warehouse Coordinator, has a great sense of humour.
  78. I love that it’s a company where you know the CEO and he knows all the franchise members as well.
  79. Head Office leads quarterly marketing plans – you do the thinking for us!
  80. We get to know our doctors through our arranged lunches or social programs!
  81. Head Office looks out for us – e.g. arranging for our vendor to keep our systems in top shape.
  82. Mike at Head Office makes everyone want to work for BioPed.
  83. There’s no late night phone calls about business.
  84. Our openness to share everything… Sharing is caring!
  85. A great mix of young and older… sorry, MORE EXPERIENCED people!
  86. Our BioPed Learning Centre has modules to watch and learn from.
  87. Large selection of the best products under BioPed’s managed vendor program.
  88. Point of Sale system managed by Head Office.
  89. Our very own BioPed iPad Assessment App, managed by Head Office.
  90. BioPed’s very own Appointment Manager system, managed by Head Office.
  91. We plan a day when we all order breakfast for lunch!
  92. Head Office arranged First Aid courses.
  93. The Marketing Education Coordinators help us with our Marketing Efforts… because Edna at the front desk of that Dr’s office can be tough to get around!
  94. Head Office helps to coach me on how to read my Financial Statements.
  95. I.T. help is always available.
  96. BioPed Head Office helps guide me in opening a Satellite location.
  97. Head Office helps me to recruit really great people.
  98. BioPed is well represented at the College and PAC levels.
  99. Because scrubs are comfy cozy!
  100. Because our people actually gave us 100 reasons to love working for BioPed!  Thanks team!

Reason #3 – We Give Back To Our Communities!  We’ve had an economic impact in Haiti of over $2,100,000!

Reason #19 – Our youthful energy… including from our Area Business Manager who’s 60 years old and still plays in a band called the “Urban Rednecks”!  🤟