About Us

For people experiencing lower limb discomfort, BioPed professionals increase mobility and alleviate pain with genuine compassion and patience. We create thoughtful, personalized solutions… and proudly handcraft all custom products on-site for unequalled quality, comfort and convenience.


Through more than 75 full-service and satellite Clinics in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario, our Canadian Certified Pedorthists are committed to compassionate, personalized solutions for our clients.

Our Professionals

Our highly skilled Canadian Certified Pedorthists receive on-going, highly specialized training delivered by medical specialists in knee, lower limb and foot biomechanics.

The BioPed Experience

The unique BioPed experience is delivered through Canadian Certified Pedorthists whose aim is to alleviate pain, enhance movement and comfort and improve your quality of life.

Our Difference & On-Site Labs

Each BioPed Clinic is equipped with an on-site lab where Canadian Certified Pedorthists hand-craft custom orthotics, provide adjustments and deliver specialized fitting services.