The BioPed Experience

Our professionals embrace a process of close collaboration among Patients, Physicians and Pedorthists. Our “Circle of Care” represents the importance of continuity in delivering the best results on behalf of each patient.


  • To best serve Patients, our Clinics are designed and staffed with one goal in mind: Alleviate pain, enhance movement and improve quality of life. Every BioPed Clinic is equipped with complete lab facilities to deliver responsive, convenient and top quality service.


  • Our Canadian Certified Pedorthists are professionally trained in the anatomy and biomechanics of the foot. Each custom orthotic receives the personal attention of the Pedorthist who conducted the evaluation and understands the condition and history of the patient.


  • Working closely with Physicians, we provide timely feedback on each patient – ensuring that all parties are working in the most effective manner to improve the condition of each patient.


To best educate each patient on their condition, a BioPed Pedorthist begins by gathering a detailed history aimed at establishing the origin and frequency of pain (feet, knees, legs, hips and back), how long the patient stands on their feet (at work, playing sports, participating in hobbies) and the type of footwear generally worn at work, home and play.


The patient then participates in a number of tests including a walking gait analysis, range of motion testing, functional testing and finally an analysis of your current footwear. The Pedorthist will explain how a problem has occurred, how proper footwear and / or orthotics can be of help and of course, answer any questions a patient may have about the process.


After gathering this information, the Pedorthist will take a three dimensional cast of both feet, selecting from mouldable wax, foam, plaster casting or a pin array computerized system. From here, many fabrication techniques are available – allowing the Pedorthist to select the process best suited to correct or accommodate the foot condition of each patient. Your Pedorthist will ensure that your custom orthotic is properly matched to the appropriate footwear for maximum correction and comfort.


Once the orthotics are manufactured, your Pedorthist will schedule an appointment to evaluate the fit of the orthotics and make any necessary adjustments. During the initial fitting, it is not unusual to make minor adjustments before the orthotics and footwear are partnered properly.