Addaday Foot & Leg Massagers

Foot and leg pain can often keep you from getting through the simplest of everyday activities. If you’re one of those people that experience foot or leg pain, combining static stretching (stretch and hold) with a small rolling massager, can provide big relief. Think of a knot in a rope. If you only stretch the rope in one direction, the knot may get smaller, but won’t necessarily release. Now think of working that knot in all directions, the rope will loosen and you’ll be able to release the knot more readily. BioPed Footcare strongly recommends Addaday Massagers and Stretchers, that are specifically designed to provide relief of various foot and leg issues.

Addaday Massagers emulate a therapist using the palms of their hands (and sometimes elbows) to release muscle tightness. To use these massagers, flush out the muscle along the length of the muscle fibres, when you find a muscle knot, stop and use the gear in small circular motions over the tissue to help release the knot.

Using Addaday massage rollers can help prevent and treat ailments such as plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior dysfunction, shin splintsachilles tendonitis, and patellofemoral pain. They are also very portable, so whether you are standing for long periods of time at work, nursing an ongoing injury, or taking on a long flight, these massagers can provide instant relief from your pain at any time.

Check out the Addaday Massagers we have below.


Type J+ Junior Roller

The Junior + Roller with Surface Skin Technology (SST) is a lightweight versatile roller that helps to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis. The J+ Junior Roller gets deep into the muscles. Designed to be held one handed or placed on the floor. This easily portable roller also works great for the athletes on the go.

Type M Marble Roller

The Marble Roller is designed for easy, one-handed use, for a deep-tissue massage. It has 3 magnetic marble balls to stimulate blood flow during massage. The Type M Marble Roller can be used all over the body. It is lightweight, so you can carry it with you. Or, keep it at your desk for instant relief anytime throughout the day!

Type C Massage Roller

The Type C uses Skin Technology (SST) for a deep tissue massage that simulates finger and elbow pressure. Provides relief to sore IT Bands, Hamstrings and Quadriceps. It also includes a red precision gear to target smaller, more precise areas to relieve Shin Splints and Achilles Pain. Fits into a luggage or gym bag.

Type S Calf Stretcher

The Type S Calf Stretcher provides an extra deep stretch for the calf, hamstring and achilles. Just step on and lean forward for a calf stretch that hits the spot before and after a long day to help increase the range of motion and flexibility in the lower limb. Type S has a wide footstep that can accommodate multiple foot types.