The BioPed Difference & Why It Makes ALL The Difference!

If you’re suffering from foot pain, we understand how uncomfortable it can be. We also understand that not all foot pain solutions are created equal. YOU ARE AN ORIGINAL and as such, you require a solution that is tailored just for you.


Here’s How We Are Different:

  • Our Clinical Specialists – BioPed’s Canadian Certified Pedorthists and Registered Chiropodists conduct a thorough 45 minute assessment, to learn about you, your lifestyle and most importantly, the root cause of your pain. They will provide recommendations and eventually craft an option that’s best for you.
  • Our Unique Process– At BioPed, the creation of an orthotic is, most importantly, considered to be both an art as well as a science. Our onsite labs allow our specialists to personally hand craft your solution and make adjustments, while you wait, for the best fit possible.
  • Your Foot Pain Solution – People have unique footcare requirements and one solution does not fit all! As such, your BioPed specialist has a tiered selection of footbeds and custom foot orthotics ranging in features to best suit both your physical needs as well as your budget.


At BioPed, We’re Different… and It Makes All The Difference To Our Patients

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