Are Your Feet Sandal Ready? Here’s How To Make Your Feet Look Healthier!

Does anyone truly see your feet until it’s time to slip on a pair of summer sandals?  You want to know how to make your feet look healthier after a long Canadian winter?  Hidden beneath our warm socks and shoes, our feet are often neglected. The moment spring arrives, we find ourselves scurrying to improve their appearance. If this sounds familiar, BioPed is here to help! Follow our guide from heel-to-toe in order to achieve sandal worthy feet and no one will be the wiser.

Why Do My Feet Become Dry Over the Winter?


Over the winter, dry skin is typically triggered by environmental factors such as warm showers, low humidity and central heating. If the dryness progresses to peeling, cracking of the heels, and scaling of the feet, then the dryness is no longer due to environmental factors, but is more likely to be associated with Athlete’s Foot.

Athlete’s Foot is a fungal based infection known in the medical community as, “Tinea Pedis”. The commonly occurring fungus is acquired by touching the affected area of a person who has the condition, or from wet, infected surfaces, such as floors in public pools or change rooms. Fungi grow best in warm, moist areas, which is often the environment found in our footwear over the winter months.

BioPed’s Recommended Treatment for Peeling Skin (Athlete‘s Foot)

  • For protection and care of dry, flaking skin
  • For relief of itching, scaling, peeling, burning, redness and irritation associated with fungal infections
  • Contains effective prescription strength anti-fungal agent
  • Safe for diabetics and children
  • Non greasy and quickly absorbed

BioPed’s Recommended Treatment for Dry, Rough Skin due to Environmental Factors

  • Contains urea – an ingredient that will restore hydration to your delicate, dry skin
  • Uses Dermal Infusion Technology® to ensure a quick absorption and fast action
  • Safe for Diabetics/Seniors/Immuno-Compromised

Why Have My Nails Become Discoloured?


Similar to the skin of your feet, fungal infections commonly occur in your toenails as well. The infected toenail usually turns yellow or white with spots or streaks on the nail surface. The nail surface may appear soft and powdery as the infection becomes worse and can eventually become fragile or crumbly.

Like Athlete’s foot, nail fungus can be acquired from warm moist areas, but also transferred from contact with objects such as clothing, shoes, nail clippers, nail files, and carpets. Many women’s feet become contaminated when receiving a pedicure if the proper sterilization procedures are not followed by the spa they’re attending.



BioPed’s Recommended Treatment For Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis)

  • Anti-microbial agent with Spiraleen™ (see below)
  • Treatment for lifting, discolored and cracking (thickened) toenails prone to fungal infections
  • Easy to apply, with a hygienic, application that prevents product contamination.
  • Contains Panthenol, Avocado Oil and Tea Tree extract to transform unsightly, discolored toenails to a natural shine.

What Can I do To Eliminate My Dry Skin and Improve The Look Of My Nails?


If you’re healthy, a fungal foot or nail infection isn’t of serious concern. It may look unflattering and with respect to your nails, they may hurt, or there may be damage to your nail or nail bed. Fungal infections could lead to more serious concerns if you have diabetes or a weak immune system. Consult with one of BioPed’s Chiropodists or Foot Care Nurses about the best way to treat your skin and nails if you have one of these conditions or if you have been experiencing symptoms for more than six months.

BioPed’s Recommended Treatment To Ward Off Fungus and Keep Nails Healthy & Strong

  • Well-studied in Germany and approved in Canada
  • Improves nail strength, discoloration and thickness
  • Wards off fungus with tea tree oil
  • Easy to apply spray, with a hygienic, application that prevents product contamination

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Footlogix™ is the next generation of skin care for the feet. These products have been specifically developed to address a variety of skin and nail conditions affecting the foot – from simple dryness to more severe conditions resulting from diabetes and fungus. Footlogix™ also has maintenance products to keep your feet soft and supple once treatment is complete.

Footlogix™ carries a line of anti-fungal products that can be used in the treatment of “Tinea Pedis” (Athletes Foot). One for moist peeling skin on the feet, one for dry rough skin and another for the toe nails.

All 3 products mentioned in this post are enriched with patented Spiraleen, a unique antimicrobial ‘end product’ concentrate, exclusively from Footlogix™. Designed to deliver optimal levels of cell protection, regeneration and collagen synthesis to skin and nails.

Spiraleen works by inhibiting the invasive germs with its highly efficacious anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties resulting in a stronger skin barrier for healthier, happier feet. The product does not disrupt the natural flora of the skin.

Dermal Infusion Technology (DIT) is uniquely non occlusive (do not seal or impede the natural functions of the skin), allowing the skin to transpire and maintain its primary function – protection. DIT also delivers this non greasy apply & go formula where it is most needed, deep into the layers of the epidermis quickly. No need for heat or time.