This article was published on: 01/2/21 4:42 PM

New Year, New Shoes! – BioPed Footcare

Athletic shoes can make or break a new exercise routine. Whether it’s getting a little more active or starting a whole new exercise routine, finding a good pair of athletic shoes is usually the first step.

Start 2021 on the right foot with the right pair of athletic shoes

You’ve done it! You’ve made the decision to break up with your comfy couch and your favorite tv series to take on your New Year’s resolution to get fit!! You’re excited and decide to start on the right foot with a good pair of athletic shoes.

You run down to the athletic shoe store, peruse the great wall of shoes, and wonder “which pair is right for me?” So, you turn to the footwear associate for help. They ask your shoe size and briefly check if you have high or low arches. And, armed with these two pieces of information, they present you with a pair of fancy athletic shoes with some bells and whistles you’re told you need. You happily buy them and wear them to the gym.  But after only a few weeks, you find your feet, legs, knees or back are hurting you. You’ve barely begun your fitness routine and now, due to pain, you find yourself back in the beckoning arms of your comfy couch. Don’t give up! Finding the right athletic shoe can be the solution.

Follow BioPed’s “Best Fit Process” when selecting athletic shoes

Don’t let pain from wearing the wrong athletic shoes keep you from achieving your goals. When you start a new exercise routine, the footwear you choose is important. Unfortunately, with so many options available, this can be daunting. At BioPed, our Footcare Specialists take a unique and comprehensive approach to fitting you with the right athletic shoes. We won’t just ask your shoe size!

The BioPed Best Fit Process for Athletic Shoes:

1: Meet with a BioPed Expert Shoe Fitter.

2: One of our Expert Shoe-Fitters will determine where and when you experience pain.

3: Our Clinical Specialist will do a comprehensive exam of your feet and legs. This will include a series of orthopaedic tests, an assessment of your feet and how you walk, and questions about your current footwear and lifestyle.

4: Once a diagnosis determined, a prescription for footwear is then created specifically for you. Your Clinical Specialist will take the time to explain how your prescribed shoes will work for you and minimize pain when exercising.

With the proper athletic shoes, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your New Year’s resolution to get fit, and make 2021 the best year yet!

At BioPed, our Expert Shoe Fitters and Clinical Specialists ensure that you receive the best fit possible. Click below to locate a clinic near you.