Those Cheap Flip Flops Are Ruining Your Feet!

Wait, the cheap flip flops you’re considering buying could be ruining your feet!  As warmer weather approaches, our first instinct is to peel off the layers, pull out the t-shirts and shorts and kick back in some comfy flip-flops. For many of us, these fun and fashionable sandals have become our summer footwear of choice. Although they may help you stay comfortable and cool initially, these cheap flip flops are ruining your feet!

What Cheap Flip Flops Can Do To Your Feet!

While there’s no doubt that they’re quick and easy to throw on and go with just about any outfit, flip flops were never intended to be worn beyond the beach or the pool. By routinely wearing flip flops that do not provide sufficient support, people don’t realize the damage being caused to their feet until symptoms arise. A firm arch support is one of the most important features lacking in the majority of flip flops. A lack of support results in your foot rolling excessively inwards while walking causing strain of the soft tissues along the bottom of the foot. Over time, this leads to heel pain, arch pain, knee pain and low back pain.

In addition to the soft tissue strain placed upon our feet, standard flip flops also place a substantial amount of pressure throughout the joints located in the ball of the foot. If the sole of a flip flop is too stiff, it limits the body’s ability to bend at the ball of the foot creating more pressure at the joints. If the sole, on the other hand, is too soft, it doesn’t protect the foot from hard and uneven surfaces and does not provide the proper support the feet need. Finally, if the portion of the sole that comes in contact with the ground is too flat towards the front, it slows your body from propelling itself forward when walking and can create pressure under the ball of the foot.


Not All Sandals Are Created Equal

So, what does all of this mean? Should you throw away all of your flip flops?

The answer to this is NO. You don’t necessarily need to sacrifice style in the search for smarter footwear this summer. Save the basic flip-flops for the beach and backyard, and invest in something stylish and supportive for when you’re walking around. Our flip flop of choice this summer is by Vionic.

All Vionic Sandsals have Orthaheel technology which helps promote alignment from the ground up.

Deep heel cup

Innovative biomechanical footbed

Firm yet flexible midsole

Vionic Sandals can be worn to the beach, pool, park, or just kicking around. These sandals are basically an orthodic wonder in the shape of a casual flip. Your feet will thank you in the end!

Shop Men’s and Women’s styles below!

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