diabetic nail and skin care

Diabetic Nail and Skin Care

Diabetes is a condition whereby the body does not make insulin or has trouble recognizing it. Insulin is crucial for storing food sugars. With diabetes, the sugars are not stored properly and remain at high levels in the blood stream. This can lead to damaged nerves and it’s the smallest (in our fingers and feet) to be affected first. We call this “neuropathy.”

Precautions for Diabetic Nail and Skin Care

The biggest concern with neuropathy is that it causes a loss of sensation. But, did you know that this loss of feeling typically happens later in the disease process? The early signs of nerve damage are actually dry skin and thick, brittle nails.

If you are diabetic, it is important to visit with a Chiropodist or Foot Care Nurse regularly for skin and nail care. They will pick up on these subtle indicators and alert your family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner when something is wrong before it’s too late. The best medicine for diabetic foot problems is prevention!

Treatment for Diabetic Nail and Skin Care

If you have calluses, cracks, fissures, warts or corns on your feet and you are diabetic, you should never use an off-the-shelf drugstore medication without first consulting a medical professional. These skin troubles put diabetics at risk for infection, wounds and amputation and should be taken very seriously. At BioPed, we carry diabetic friendly skin and nail products to help keep your nails healthy and your skin soft and free of fungus.

If your toenails have become too thick to trim yourself or have begun to dig into the border, it is time to visit with a BioPed Chiropodist or Foot Care Nurse for assistance. No referral is needed and your family Doctor will be happy to see you being proactive.

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