What is an Advanced Footcare Nurse?

As a Nurse, an Advanced Footcare Nurse is a regulated health professional with extensive training in skin and nail conditions of the foot, as well as diabetic foot and wound care. Once licensed as a nurse, they complete further courses in basic and advanced footcare. They are fully qualified to assess and manage foot skin and toenail concerns.

Services That An Advanced Footcare Nurse Provides

The following services can be provided by our Advanced Footcare Nurses – for both adults and children:


  • Toenail care
  • Corn/callus/wart removal
  • Fungal toenail thickness reduction
  • Preventative footcare for diabetic patients
  • Wound/Diabetic ulcer dressings
  • Ingrown toenail prevention and trimming
  • Ingrown toenail bracing*


*Available at select locations

What To Expect During Your Visit

Your BioPed Advanced Footcare Nurse will develop an individualized treatment plan to best treat your specific condition. All treatment options will be presented to you prior to proceeding. He/she may recommend products such as emollients, dressings, felt pads or silicone devices and will provide you with information and education on your condition and how these treatments will work for you.