BioPed Introduces a New Cost Effective Foot Pain Solution!

A large number of Canadians suffer from foot pain at some point during their lifetime and will scramble desperately to find a foot pain solution. Whether it be due to long days spent standing at work, flat feet, pregnancy, arthritis or one of many other foot conditions. Foot pain can most often be relieved with a combination of proper footwear along with a pair of custom made orthotics. For some, however, the cost of orthotics may be prohibitive and yet a drug store off the shelf insole simply isn’t effective enough at relieving the pain.

We have a solution! At BioPed, we’re happy to introduce a NEW intermediate product called the “Be Active Tailored Footbed.” This product does not replace the truly custom orthotic, but is a great alternative for patients requiring pain relief on a budget. The Be Active Tailored Footbed is heat moldable to fit the contours of your foot and can be modified to include features that best address your foot condition. This may include features such as additional support to correct for arch and heel pain, additional padding to relieve pain under the ball of the foot and features to relieve pressure and pain from bunions. After a full 45 minute biomechanical assessment, one of BioPed’s Clinical Specialists will determine the most appropriate features for you.

For those with occasional footwear such as cleats, golf shoes, skates, ski boots and gardening shoes, who wish to have some additional support, BioPed also offers two further solutions. These include a supportive off the shelf insole as well as a heat moldable insole to contour the foot and provide additional comfort and pain relief.

Full length portrait of senior male owner standing in shop

With everything from over the counter insoles to truly custom orthotics hand crafted in our on-site labs, BioPed has what you need to relieve your foot pain. Visit any one of our 75 BioPed Clinics across Canada and be fit with the foot pain solution that‘s best for you!