This article was published on: 09/1/14 8:55 AM

Foot Pain Stretching – Relieve Your Foot Pain

You wake from bed in the morning and as soon as you stand, you experience a terrible heel pain. After walking for approximately 10 minutes, the pain begins to subside. Then, after getting up from sitting for a period of time or after standing and walking for a period of time, the pain returns and is at its peak.



The symptoms described above are the result of a condition called “Plantar Fasciitis”.  The following foot pain stretching techniques are very effective at relieving pain caused by this condition:

Stretch #1

Before Getting Out of Bed in The Morning


1) Dangle your feet over the side of the bed making sure they do not touch the floor.

2) Imagining your big toe to be a pen, slowly write the alphabet from A to Z in the air.

3) Repeat on each foot.


Stretch #2


1)  Cross the painful foot over the opposite leg so that the ankle is resting on the knee.

2)  Place your fingers from the same sided hand across the base of your toes.

3)  Pull the toes back toward your shin/knee until you feel a stretch in the arch area. Hold the stretch for ten seconds, relax for 5 seconds and repeat the stretch 10 times on each foot.

Stretch #3

During The Course of the Day:


1)   Stand with both feet on the same stair.

2)  Lower the affected heel below the level of the stair until you feel a stretch.

3)  Keep your knee straight while holding the stretch for 20 seconds, rest for 5 seconds and repeat five times on each foot.This exercise should be completed twice daily.


Stretch #4


1)  Sit with your legs out-stretched in front of you.

2) Reach for the toes of the affected foot with the opposite hand.

3) Turn your palm facing up and keep your legs straight. Hold for 30 seconds, rest for 5 seconds, repeat 3 times. Perform this exercise once daily.

Foot Pain Pain Relief Products

Use footcare products made for specific problems. For example, devices such as the OrthoSleeve can help to relieve Plantar Fasciitis, improve circulation, and aid in muscle recovery.

Recommended Indoor Footwear

Before getting out of bed in the morning, putting on orthopaedic sandals can help ease foot and leg pain. Your Pedorthist will recommend a specific sandal and/or orthotic to address your specific condition. Be sure to keep them next to your bed for easy access when you first get out of bed.