Foot Specialists – Canadian Certified Pedorthist, C.Ped(C)

A good foot specialist that fits you with the proper shoes for your feet is like an eye specialist finding the perfect glasses for your eyes – both are important to your overall health. Our feet are incredible biomechanical structures and require expert care!  With each step, the foot acts as both a shock absorber when our heel hits the ground, and a lever, propelling us into the next step.  When your feet are healthy, we go about our daily lives and take them for granted.  But when we develop a problem, they can bring us to a grinding halt.

We seldom make the connection, but our quality of life is largely dependent upon our feet.  Many foot problems are predisposed by our genetic make-up or triggered by diseases like diabetes or arthritis.  Others come about as a result of overuse, improper footwear or traumatic injury.  Whatever the case may be, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist is specifically trained to handle these, and many other conditions of the human foot.

A Canadian Certified Pedorthist, C. Ped (C), is one of the few medical professionals educated in the design, manufacture and modification of footwear and custom foot orthotics. A Canadian Certified Pedorthist is the link between a physician, a patient and proper foot care.  Canadian Certified Pedorthists routinely work with prescription footwear and are experts at creating custom foot orthotics.  They also have a lineup of off-the-shelf solutions for the feet, knees and legs, for those who just want to wear comfortable footwear and don’t require a medical evaluation by their doctor.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists are all graduates with a Bachelor of Science background in Biomechanics.  Many even have Kinesiology degrees – the study of the human muscles and biomechanical movement.  Still others enter the field with a background in orthotics (brace-making) and chiropody – a field of medicine devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle. They then go on to participate in a rigorous hands-on apprenticeship training program.

Pedorthic care can alleviate pain, prevent further damage from occurring and restore foot function. Recommending the proper type of footwear is at the foundation of every successful treatment.

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