Images from some recent shoe distribution trips – Streetsmarts in Ottawa, the Boys & Girls Club of Hamilton & Sistering in Toronto.

Images From Our Latest International Shoe Distribution in Haiti

Used Shoes – From your closet, to BioPed clinics, to the feet of those who really need them…



Shoes Donated

BioPed Footcare Clinics collect used shoes to help change the lives of those less fortunate. Together with Soles4Souls™ Canada, BioPed Footcare puts your generously donated shoes towards sustainable solutions, such as a micro-enterprise program that educates people on how to create their own, self-sufficient operation, providing them with dignity and a way out of poverty. Help us reach our goal of collecting 1,000,000 pairs of used shoes to help change their lives!  Read on to learn how your used shoes impact the lives of those who need them…

How is BioPed collecting used shoes?

Over the last couple of years, BioPed has been helping Soles4Souls Canada further their mission of Wearing Out Poverty. BioPed started by establishing a company-wide initiative to collect used shoes in all 75 BioPed Footcare Clinics across Canada. We asked all of our patients and local members of our communities to help donate their used shoes of all sizes and colours, and YOU have really STEPPED up!  Shoe donations have been pouring in!  Whether you were one of the ones bringing in a single pair, or one of those setting up a collection box at your school or work, EVERY SINGLE PAIR HAS CONTRIBUTED TO CHANGING LIVES!

Veronica Urbano-Meaney (BioPed Oakville) shows off a pair of used shoes dropped off by one of her patients.

Used shoes are then sorted and centralized

Over the course of the year, BioPed works around the clock to get these used shoes collected and ready for delivery.  Shoes are bagged and boxed in 25’s and brought to a central location in Toronto.  Whether it’s driven over by a single staff member from Ottawa or we hire a rented truck for larger deliveries, BioPed employees have been positive and committed, knowing they are helping to change lives.

Shoes get delivered to people in need

This is where it gets REAL… BioPed and Soles4Souls Canada staff members deliver your shoes to people in need. We recently had the pleasure of delivering your shoes to Haiti, where 8 of our staff members sized the feet of both kids and adults, and put the shoes that were once in YOUR closet, on their feet.

The Micro-Enterprise Program

The Soles4Souls Canada micro-enterprise program provides entrepreneurial Haitian’s to start small businesses, through access to startup loans and by providing a steady supply of high-quality, low-cost product to be sold at local markets. This is a powerful and sustainable way for people to lift themselves, and their families, out of poverty. BioPed was inspired by one particular entrepreneurer.  Through this program, Ginette purchases the used shoes for a low cost and resells the shoes to people in the market. Over the years, Ginette has managed to provide for her family of 4, along with her extended family of 3 kids, who she inherited when her sister passed away in the 2010 earthquake.  Ginette has managed to purchase a home and put her son through the University of Haiti’s engineering program.  She also employs a number of people, helping to lift them out of poverty as well.  Ginette’s pride stems from the fact that she didn’t get a hand out, but rather support to help her carve her own path.  She is a strong and incredibly proud Haitian woman who became emotional when talking about you, her Soles4Souls Canada family and how you have given her this opportunity to change the future of her and her family.

A Couple Of Ways You Can Help

BioPed has an aggressive goal of collecting 1,000,000 pairs of used shoes, but frankly, we can’t do it without YOU.  Any contributions to help us achieve and exceed this goal is greatly appreciated.  There are a few ways you can help:

Drop Your Used Shoes Off At BioPed Footcare

Whether you have 1 pair or 100 pairs, every one counts!  Drop yours off at one of our 75 BioPed Footcare Clinics across Canada.  To find the clinic closest to you, please click here.

Run A Shoe Collection Campaign In Your Neighbourhood, School or Office

BioPed can provide resources for you to pickup at your local clinic, to run a used-shoe collection campaign in your neighbourhood, school or office.  Fill out the following form to discuss your campaign with us and find out what types of resources are available from your local clinic.

A Message From BioPed’s President & CEO, Peter Scully