BioPed’s Goodytwoshoes Program Is Making a Difference in The World!

Over the past five years, BioPed has been providing new and gently used footwear to Canadians in need. This year, BioPed has further expanded our reach to include not only Canadians, but over 127 impoverished countries as well!


On July 20th, the Hope 2 Haiti Charitable Organization will be receiving a shoe distribution for each of their orphans. These are children ranging from 1.5 years to 14 years of age who either lost their parents in the 2010 earthquake or whose families live in extreme poverty and can no longer afford to care for their children. Through Hope To Haiti, these children have been provided with basic food, shelter, supervision and clothing…and shortly, they will be receiving footwear!

We look forward to sharing the details of this event with you in a blog to come later this summer.

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To learn more about the Hope To Haiti Organization and the children who will be receiving footwear visit

Interested in helping make a difference by donating your gently used footwear? Feel free to drop your shoes off at any one of our 50 locations across Canada. Clinic locations can be found at

To learn more about BioPed’s goodytwoshoes program and how YOU can help, please visit


Thank you to all of our patients and those from the community who continue to donate their gently used footwear… YOU are making a difference!