Health Care Professionals

BioPed has developed a comprehensive library of lunch ‘n learns, seminars, Continuing Medical Education and publications – available to Physicians and Nurse Practitioners at no charge (near BioPed Clinics). Our Clinics also participate as sponsors at several medical events, including Primed and a number of provincial symposiums.

What We Do


With more than 30 years of experience, BioPed has become the standard of excellence in alleviating foot and lower limb-related discomfort. Today, we operate more than 75 full-service and satellite Clinics in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario.


Our Canadian Certified Pedorthists specialize in assessing and providing non-surgical treatment for conditions related to the functions of the feet and lower limbs. Each BioPed Clinic is equipped with an on-site lab where Canadian Certified Pedorthists manufacture a full range of orthotics, provide adjustments and deliver specialized fitting services.


Complementing the Pedorthic Services, in some clinics, are Chiropodists and Footcare Nurses who provide surgical and non-surgical medical care of the skin and toenails. Additionally, we have a broad range of fashionable, orthotic-friendly footwear, compression stockings, lower limb braces and adjustable over-the-counter inserts at all clinics to better accommodate your needs. We truly are able to offer the convenience of a wide range of professional foot services and products to every patient, to fit every need.


For referring professionals, BioPed has developed a comprehensive library of lunch ‘n learns, seminars and accredited Continuing Medical Education programs – all available at no charge (near BioPed Clinics). Our Clinics also participate as sponsors at several medical events, including Primary Care and a number of provincial symposiums.


In addition to our education programs, we publish and make available to Physicians, reference guides (encompassing foot conditions and treatments, compression therapy and lower limb bracing), prescription pads and education materials in print and electronic format.

Our Difference


BioPed offers full patient care with a focus on Physician collaboration, highly qualified professionals and full services facilities – all aimed at delivering the most effective solution for each patient with maximum convenience and personal attention. We combine assessment, fabrication, fitting and adjustment with a wide variety of lower limb and footcare products.


We differentiate ourselves through our commitment to patient care, Physician collaboration and Continuing Medical Education. Additionally –


  • Every BioPed Clinic is staffed with Canadian Certified Pedorthists trained to alleviate painful conditions and provide assistance for abnormalities of the lower limb.
  • We use only 3-dimensional (3D) foot-casting to take a proper mould of your feet. (Taking a footprint on an ink pad or force plate does not qualify as a 3D cast and will not result in the best possible solution).
  • Every BioPed Clinic is equipped with its own on-site lab where our professionals custom fabricate orthotics to the highest standards in the shortest period of time. Unlike many Clinics, we do not send our orthotics to an outside lab facility to be made by someone who has never seen or spoken with the patient.
  • We schedule follow-up appointments to evaluate the fit of the orthotic and make any necessary adjustments on-site and quickly at no additional charge. Adjustments during the one year warranty period are complimentary.
  • All BioPed Clinics carry a large selection of orthotic-friendly footwear enabling the Pedorthist to match the patient’s orthotic with lifestyle goals. BioPed Pedorthists are also able to modify footwear on-site to accommodate conditions as well as provide custom footwear.
  • BioPed Clinics also offer custom and non-custom lower limb braces and compression stockings.

Follow-up letters are provided to Physicians outlining the details of the patient assessment and treatment provided.

Patient Care


BioPed has developed a unique approach around assessment, fabrication, fitting and adjustment processes – dedicated to ensure we achieve the best results for each patient. Our Clinics are staffed with full-time Canadian Certified Pedorthists (C Ped C’s) who adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Practice as governed by Canadian Pedorthic Association and the College of Pedorthics of Canada. For patients –


  • We provide a full biomechanical evaluation including gait analysis, Closed Kinetic Chain testing and range of motion testing. The patient’s lifestyle, activities, relevant medical history and needs are questioned and assessed thoroughly.
  • We employ a wide range of three-dimensional casting techniques to manufacture soft, semi-rigid and rigid orthotics to treat a variety of foot and lower limb conditions. As we do not ascribe to a “one-solution-fits-all” care formula, the casting method selected is determined based on creating the most desirable outcome for the patient.
  • Each Clinic is equipped with private assessment areas, full-service lab facilities and an excellent inventory of fashionable, orthotic-friendly footwear, custom and non-custom lower limb braces and compression stockings.

We take the time to explain and provide education to every patient. We believe that increasing understanding improves the overall effectiveness of the treatment program.

Continuing Medical Education


The BioPed Education Department has been providing interactive CME accredited lectures to Family Physicians in Canada for over 20 years. Emphasis is placed on explaining the three dimensional biomechanics of the foot, ankle and lower limb and providing effective tools for testing and diagnosing. Sessions range from 60-90 minutes and can be arranged with a luncheon or dinner format.


Some examples of our Medical Education programs include:


  • Common Foot/Ankle Biomechanical Problems
  • The Diabetic Foot
  • The Osteoarthritic Knee And Effective Treatments
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency And Lymphedema: Treatment And Management

In response to requests for more informal education, BioPed has created a series of Lunch ‘n Learn seminars which can be delivered at medical Clinics or private venues at no charge. Using similar content as our accredited Continuing Medical Education programs, these sessions can be delivered in 20-30.


To book any of our Medical Education programs, please send an email to or contact us directly at 905 829-0505 x266.

Materials Order Form


We are pleased to offer BioPed education materials and collateral to Canadian Physicians and Nurse Practitioners at no charge (in areas within or close to existing BioPed territories). Please download our Resource Order Form and fax back with your requests to BioPed Head Office – 905 829-5199, Attention Medical Education Department. We will arrange through your local BioPed Clinic to have all materials delivered to your office.