This article was published on: 12/9/16 9:31 AM

Finally, Healthy Polished Nails

If you were aware that most nail polishes contain toxins, preservatives and possible carcinogens, would you think twice the next time you took your daughter or mother for a pedicure?

Formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) are often referred to as the “toxic trio” with respect to common nail polish ingredients. It is surprising as to how many polishes still contain these toxins. With links to birth defects and cancer, these additives prove to be harmful to patients of all ages.

Introducing Dr.’s Remedy for Healthy Polished Nails—Non-toxic.Vegan. Salon Quality.

Non-toxic. Vegan. Salon quality.

Dr.’s Remedy © Nail Polish is a doctor-formulated, non-toxic, vegan, salon quality polish that is safe enough to use on children, breastfeeding or pregnant mothers and patients undergoing chemotherapy. This product is free from toxins – including the above “toxic trio.” Finally, there is a nail polish that actually makes your nails healthier by wearing it! Infused with vitamins and tea tree oil, it strengthens nails and wards off fungal infections.

Dr.’s Remedy © is not available at spas. In Canada, it is available at BioPed clinics in an array of breathtaking colours and most spas would welcome you to BYOP (bring your own polish) anyway.

For staying power, it is best to apply this polish in three layers-

  1. Two-In-One Base and Topcoat as a base.
  2. The Dr.’s Remedy © colour of your choice.
  3. Two-In-One Base and Topcoat to seal the colour in.

Erin Kesler from BioPed Hamilton talks about the many features of Dr Remedy’s Nail Polish in the video below.

Shop the entire collection below.