How to find the right shoe size

How does someone select the right shoe size?  Contrary to popular belief, the right shoe size continues to change as we age! Weight gain or loss, pregnancy and the effects of aging are all common causes for changes in the length and width of our feet. If you haven’t measured your feet in the last 12 months, you may be included in the 1/3 of men and ½ of women who do not wear the right shoe size.


When buying a size medium t-shirt made by one brand and a size medium made by another, do you find they fit the same? Chances are, they don’t.  The same issue applies to choosing the right shoe size for your feet. Companies, as well as countries, often utilize different sizing systems and manufacturing processes which leads to a wide variation in sizing. The only way to know the most appropriate size of shoe for you is to try it on.


An incorrect length or width of shoe most often affects your toes and heels. Bunions and bunionettes (a bunion of the 5th toe) are frequently caused by excess pressure from shoes that are too narrow. Conversely, shoes that are too long or too wide will cause your foot to move excessively. This movement will lead to an increased shearing force on your skin and your skin will protect itself through the formation of callouses. Your muscles will also spend more effort trying to stabilize your foot leading to tired feet.


At BioPed, we ensure your comfort by conducting our BioPed Best Fit Process. Our Expert Fitters and Footcare Specialists will first seek to understand your footwear wants and needs and will then proceed to provide you with the best fit possible.

You’ll be asked important questions such as “Where are you intending to wear the footwear, at home, work, or the while active?” “How long are you wearing them for?” Is there anything special we need to know about you, such as do you have bunions, suffer from diabetes or experience pain in a particular area?”

Once our Expert Fitters and Clinical Specialists know your needs and preferences, they will then proceed to assess the correct fit for you. Each of your feet will be measured to determine which is larger, wider as well as the depth required in a shoe to accommodate them.

Once the appropriate information is gathered and measurements taken, our Expert Fitters will fit you with footwear aimed to relieve the symptoms you may be experiencing while providing optimal comfort.

At BioPed, our goal is to make your feet as comfortable as possible! To get fitted by one of our experts or to learn more, visit your local BioPed clinic by clicking below.

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