How To Tie Your Shoes for Maximum Support (For Shoes with Laces)

When wearing athletic footwear, do you feel as if your heel slips in and out of the shoe? Do you need greater support around the ankle? Do you wish it could be tighter just in certain areas? If so, this is how to tie your shoes for maximum support…


Step #1 – Determine the area where increased tightness is needed. Find the closest eyelet to that area. (In this example we will assume that we need greater tightness across the top of our foot.)


Step #2 – Insert each lace end back into the eyelet it just came out of in order to create a small loop.


Step #3 – Take the lace ends and insert them into the loop on the opposite side of the shoe.


Step #4 – Pull the laces tight. At this point, you can continue lacing the shoe as you would normally.


The above method is how to tie your shoes for maximum support.  Many other lacing techniques exist to provide greater comfort when wearing athletic footwear. To learn additional techniques, contact your local BioPed Pedorthist.