How to travel comfortably with varicose veins

This article was published on: 03/6/23 1:42 PM

How to travel comfortably with varicose veins

The plane is booked, cars are rented and everything is packed up, all set for vacation! But you know that long trips and being seated for a long time causes lower limb pain, especially if you have varicose veins. Don’t let leg pain stop you from doing more, learn how to manage it with us below!

Leg pain from travelling occurs because the body becomes less efficient at circulating blood through our system as we are stationary for extended periods of time. And as the body becomes less efficient at pumping blood through our system, blood tends to pool in the lower limbs and swelling begins to set in. Often this leads to a general aching which you definitely don’t want as you kick off your vacation!

Here are 5 tips for travelling comfortably with varicose veins:

Move Around

If travelling for long periods, make sure to get up from your seat and go for a walk to stretch the legs. Especially when dealing with varicose veins, it is important to get the blood flowing in the lower extremities to avoid blood clots that can occur when seated for extended periods.

Use Compression Socks

Compression socks can help when travelling as they work to increase how efficient your body is at managing the swelling that occurs in the lower limbs. Compression socks are designed with a pressure gradient system. This means that the sock is tightest at the bottom and loosest at the top. This allows for pressure to be put on the veins of the leg allowing for efficient reduction in swelling by promoting blood flow to the heart. Best part, they come in all different colours and styles!

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Tight fitting clothes can create swelling issues in the lower limbs, especially when they are tight at the hips and knees. This is because pressure in these areas can work against you by decreasing blood flow above where the pressure is being placed.

Pick the Right Seat

While not always possible, having that seat with a little extra room can make a huge difference when travelling. Being able to stretch out the legs while seated can be great. When we’re cramped up in a seat without leg room there’s risk for more swelling and even muscle cramping.

Keep Hydrated

As you become more dehydrated, the walls of your veins tend to become narrower. Keeping hydrated will not only keep them your veins from narrowing but also can help to keep you cool during those warm flights.

Should I book an appointment?

If you’re suffering from varicosities or general leg fatigue, let us know and book an appointment today! At BioPed Footcare, we are here for you. Meet with one of BioPed’s lower limb clinicians to see how you can keep your feet healthy or how to rehabilitate an injury!