Nail Bracing for Ingrown Toenails

This article was published on: 06/9/22 1:20 PM

Checking for ingrown toenails

Nail Bracing for Ingrown Toenails

In today’s blog, let’s explore how nail bracing can help you with your ingrown toenails.

What is an ingrown nail?

An ingrown nail occurs when a portion of one or both sides of the nail pierces through the sulcus or skin surrounding the nail. It can be painful causing the surrounding skin to appear red, swollen and tender to the touch. If left untreated, ingrown nails can result in significant pain forcing a person to change how they walk or move to protect their affected toe.

What is an involuted nail?

Involuted nails have a curvature on one or both sides of the nail plate. This curvature may be so severe that the sides of the nail come together resulting in pinching of the nail bed tissue, also known as a pincer nail. As the nail ingrows, pain and discomfort occur. It also may eventually develop into an infection if left untreated.

Causes of involuted and ingrown toenails include:

  • Ill-fitting and unsupportive footwear 
  • Genetics 
  • Hammer toes and bunions 
  • Ill-treatment of toenails (e.g. corners are cut too short) 
  • Fungal infection of the nail 
  • Toenail injury 

Signs and symptoms of involuted and ingrown toenails can include:

  • Pain when wearing closed-toe footwear 
  • Pain when toeing-off during walking, running or jumping 
  • Redness around the nail 
  • Presence of pus or blood 
  • Increased thickness at the sides and ends of the nail 
  • Callus build-up at the sides and end of the nail 

What is Toenail Bracing

Toenail Bracing is an excellent solution for people suffering from ingrown/involuted nails.

It is a nail correction system involving the application of composite material onto the affected nail. It is noninvasive and described by many as a painless nail correction treatment. This method of nail correction has been proven safe and effective for persons of all ages with all nail types (including children and people with diabetes).

The correction system is measured and applied to fit each nail’s unique shape. It is then cured in place using a safe LED light. Curing the composite causes it to shrink slightly which gently pulls up on the sides of the nail where it digs into the skin offering almost immediate relief from discomfort due to nail pressure.

The brace holds its form as the nail grows naturally, ensuring retention of the improved, less curved shape. Pain, pressure and discomfort dissipate almost instantly. The correction effect is long-lasting. As the nail completes its entire growth cycle and treatment is successful, your footcare clinician will remove the nail correction system.

The removal process is quick and painless. This cost-effective nail bracing system can be conveniently performed in BioPed clinics by a Chiropodist or Footcare Nurse with zero downtime or healing required.

Is Toenail Bracing right for you?

Nail correction using an innovative bracing system will provide relief of symptoms while encouraging the gradual correction of the nail plate shape. Therefore, you can expect long-term pain relief and a decreased risk of further injury to the surrounding skin. Nail correction also allows for more effective conservative nail care to be performed.

In conclusion, if you have been suffering from pain or recurrent infections in your toe due to an involuted or ingrown toenail, contact your local BioPed clinic today. Book a consultation with a Chiropodist or Footcare Nurse to find out if toenail bracing is the solution for you!

Chelsea Baird | RPN, Advanced Footcare