What Makes BioPed Different?  Spoiler: It Makes ALL Of The Difference!

Are you wondering what makes BioPed Footcare Clinics different from all the rest?  We know that there are many footcare providers out there to choose from.  At BioPed, our unique offerings are completely tailored for YOU, to ensure that your comfort is maximized.  Put your feet in the right hands, knowing the following:

Our Clinicians

BioPed Canadian Certified Pedorthists and Registered Chiropodists are governed by the College of Pedorthics, the Pedorthic Association of Canada, and the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. Being certified/registered with these governing bodies means that you are seeing a true foot and lower limb clinician, who has a formal education and years of experience treating problems related to the foot & lower limb.  It also means that your treatment meets the high ethical & quality standards that these governing bodies set out and enforce.  At BioPed, you can be assured that your feet are in the hands of a true professional.

Our Unique Process

We start with a complimentary, 45-minute Pedorthic evaluation to learn about your symptoms and lifestyle. We take a detailed personal history, perform a series of orthopaedic tests, study your gait patterns and examine your footwear. Our primary goal is to educate you on the cause of your pain and to advise of the most effective solutions. Our Clinicians understand that the BEST custom orthotics come from knowing how to position your foot and taking a PROPER 3-D mould of it. They understand that walking on a mat and generating a 2-dimensional foot print is not a solid way of building a 3-dimensional orthotic.

In addition to the above, most orthotic providers use a distant lab to manufacture custom orthotics, created by someone who has never even seen your feet! At BioPed, our signature ON-SITE labs allow the same clinicians who met and assessed you, to personally hand craft your orthotics and make any adjustments on-the-spot, while you wait! No more waiting a week or two for that small adjustment! We want to ensure your comfort and pain is addressed immediately.

Your Foot Pain Solutions

With the above reasons in mind, it’s no wonder why we have patients that say “orthotics didn’t work for me”, only to go through our process and wish they had only found us sooner!  BioPed professionals increase mobility and alleviate pain with genuine compassion and patience. We create thoughtful, personalized solutions… and proudly handcraft all custom products on-site for quality, comfort and convenience.  At BioPed, we ensure that your custom orthotics are TRULY made for your feet, to the exact specifications for you.  These differences make ALL the difference!

More Reasons To Trust BioPed Footcare

In addition to the above, BioPed has a proven track record of getting Canadians more mobile and increasing performance for active individuals.  Don’t take it from us – just look at the facts:


With more than 30 years of experience, BioPed Footcare has become the standard of excellence in alleviating foot-related discomfort. Trust our tradition and experience, knowing that your feet are in the right hands.


With more than 75 full service and satellite clinics across Canada, we provide reliable foot and lower limb care. Comprehensive services include surgical and non-surgical treatment for foot and lower limb ailments. All clinics feature on-site labs to create custom pain-relief solutions.


We define our success by the number of people whose quality of life we improve.  Over 1,000,000 Canadians are walking comfortably after the BioPed Experience. We strive, with every interaction, to set an unsurpassed standard of excellence by helping people move through life with greater stability and peace of mind.

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