painful bump on heel

Painful Bump On The Back Of Your Heel – Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Have you noticed a painful bump on the back of your heel?  It can be reddened, swollen or sore, or it might not hurt at all. Did you know that it’s probably a “pump bump?” Well, technically the medical name for this is a Haglund’s Deformity but since it’s most common in women between the ages of 20-40, it was thought to be secondary to wearing high-heeled pumps.

Causes for the Painful Bump on the Back of Your Heel

A pump bump is a bony growth at the back of the heel bone in men or women, towards the outer side of the foot. It can become irritated by footwear and in this case, may appear red or swollen. Sometimes an inflamed bursa (fluid filled sac) can overlie this bony bump and cause it to look larger and become more painful. Typically this bump is found on the back of both heels but may be bothersome only on one side.

Sometimes this bony growth or irritation can be due to your foot structure – for example, patients with a high arch are at greater risk.

Diagnosis for the Painful Bump on the Back of Your Heel

The diagnosis is often missed unless you are examined by a foot specialist. They may require you to have x-rays of your foot and ankle. More commonly, the diagnosis is made based on a physical exam by an expert.  Our foot specialists might determine that in fact, your “pump bump” is actually another common condition, called Achilles Tendonitis.

Treatment for the Painful Bump on the Back of Your Heel

Treatment for a pump bump is employed if it becomes bothersome. Treatment can include shoe modifications and recommendations, orthotic devices to correct your foot structure, a heel lift or medication to reduce the inflammation and bump. The medication may be taken by mouth or injected by a Chiropodist directly into the inflamed sac behind your heel. Although surgical correction is likely unnecessary, it may be required in a small percentage of patients.

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