The 4 Tier Orthotic Program


At BioPed, we believe that neither insurance coverage nor financial disposition should dictate whether our patients obtain quality footcare. While custom orthotics are the gold standard for treating most foot pain conditions, sometimes cost is a barrier to treatment. However, a less expensive off-the-shelf insole may not entirely service a patient’s needs. We are happy to introduce two new intermediate products, exclusive to BioPed! These products are a great alternative for patients requiring more support, on a budget.

Biomechanical conditions of the lower limb can range from mild to moderate to severe. Not all patients are a candidate for an orthotic and those that are, may only require mild support. Alternatively, some patients truly need a custom orthotic to address bone and joint abnormality. The product that we place in your shoe must be the right fit for your condition, footwear type, lifestyle and budget. We are excited to introduce the revolutionary 4 TIER ORTHOTIC PROGRAM, unique to BioPed. We can now accommodate all patient concerns; financial and clinical, to ensure your days are spent pain free.

Tier 1: Over-the-Counter (OTC) Insole

Clinically proven to reduce strain on the foot, this insole is good for daily use by individuals without serious foot conditions. This product is recommended for those seeking support and comfort while standing, walking and participating in recreational activities.

Tier 2: Heat-Molded Over-the-Counter Insole

Taking the entry level insole one step further, this product is heat molded to the contours of your foot. This allows for increased comfort, support and pain relief. Suitable for most footwear, such as athletic shoes, work boots, skates and ski boots.

Tier 3: BioPed Tailored Footbed *NEW

A heat moulded over-the-counter insole that is tailored in our on-site labratory to better address your biomechanical concerns. This product is the economical alternative to a true custom orthotic and is an intermediate between generic and custom devices. It offers more support and features than a Tier 1 or 2 insole, relieving mild to moderate foot pain.

Tier 4: BioPed Custom Made Orthotic

The gold-standard in medical foot devices, the custom orthotic is hand-crafted from a cast of your foot, creating a truly custom device. BioPed custom orthotics are created on-site by our certified and licensed footcare specialists. Designed to fit you and your lifestyle, this product will provide unequalled pain relief, comfort and correction/accommodation. The Tier 4 product will address mild to severe foot pain and can be crafted to fit most types of footwear.