Chiropody (Foot Specialist) Treatment For Relief of Common Foot Issues for Athletes

Ingrown toenails, sweaty feet & fungal infections can keep us from achieving our best on the treadmill, in a league or at the gym.  Don’t fret!  BioPed’s Chiropody (Foot Specialist) treatments provide relief of common foot issues, just like these!

Ingrown toenails account for 20% of family physician foot-related visits. Anyone who has had an ingrowing toenail will tell you just how debilitating it can be. Once the sides of the toenail have begun to dig into the surrounding skin, it becomes too painful to walk, run, kick a ball, jump or dance. If you delay treatment, most ingrown toenails become infected, creating a more complicated case.

While there are many causes of ingrowing toenails, such as improper nail trimming or wearing the wrong-sized shoes, sweaty feet can be a cause in athletes. Sweaty feet can also predispose someone to Athlete’s foot; a fungal infection of the skin on the feet. Athlete’s foot creates an itchy sensation in your shoes that is simply distracting when trying to focus on getting fit.

BioPed Chiropodists are pleased to announce that they have temporary and permanent solutions to eradicate your painful ingrowing toenail. Chiropodists will also treat fungal/bacterial infections that are not responding to over-the-counter medications and can make recommendations to put an end to sweaty feet. Chiropodists can also offer cortisone injections for inflamed ligaments or joints in the feet, recommend proper footwear for your game and assess your need for athletic compression socks to energize your tired legs.

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