Our Services

The foundation for all BioPed services is grounded in delivering an exceptional patient experience. Delivered through highly trained Canadian Certified pedorthists, our aim is to alleviate pain, enhance movement and comfort and improve your comfort and quality of life. Unique to every BioPed Centre is an on-site lab in which we personally fabricate custom orthotics for a true “custom” solution.


A Chiropodist Foot Specialist is a regulated medical professional with extensive post-graduate training in lower limb biomechanics, dermatology, infectious diseases and diabetic wound care.

Advanced Footcare Nurse Services

An Advanced Footcare Nurse is a regulated medical professional with extensive training in skin and nail conditions of the foot, as well as diabetic foot and wound care.

What To Expect

You will receive a complete hands-on technical assessment, focused on your feet, how you move and how your lifestyle may be contributing to your pain.

Patient Assessment & Education

Participate in tests including a walking gait analysis, (an evaluation of the way the patient walks) and a series of motion tests that evaluate flexibility.

Casting & Manufacturing

Feet are casted using one of our many 3-dimensional (3D) casting techniques – selected on the basis of your condition and achieving the best possible solution.


An appointment is scheduled to assess fit, comfort and any necessary corrections. We also recommend the best footwear appropriate for your condition and lifestyle.