Patient Assessment & Education

Each patient assessment begins with gathering detailed information by the BioPed Pedorthist. He / she will ask a variety of questions to establish the origin and frequency of pain (feet, knees, legs, hips and back), how long the patient stands on their feet (at work, playing sports, participating in hobbies) and the type of footwear generally worn at work, home and play.


Each patient will participate in a number of tests including a walking gait analysis, (an evaluation of the way the patient walks) and a series of motion tests that evaluate flexibility.


Once the assessment is complete, the Pedorthist will explain how a problem has occurred, how proper footwear and / or orthotics can be of help and of course, answer any questions a patient may have about the process. Explanations are provided with the help of visual aids and computer animations. Patients are also provided with reading material on their specific condition and available treatments.