Socks: Become a Fashion Statement!

Fall’s hottest trend for both men and women are distinctive socks that make a statement!  Be in style this fall with socks that look amazing, keep your legs and feet feeling PAIN FREE/comfortable AND are fashion forward!


Fashion & Function: Trendy Compression Socks


Many of us don’t think of socks as a fashion accessory, but “sock statements” are all over the runways, magazines, blogs and city streets. As it gets cooler outside, the chicer it is to flaunt your feet in colourful prints.

BioPed offers fashionable therapeutic socks that are made from a high-performance custom yarn “Cashmerino/Bamboo” or “Lambswool/Alpaca” to ensure a luxurious feel.  The products we carry use accu-fit technology to offer an uncompromising fit, ultra-smooth toe closures and a combination of fibres that manage moisture and are odour/blister-resistant. These premium compression socks are non-binding and non-shearing, making them fashionable, functional and comfortable.

Available in a variety of patterns and 2 levels of compression, they not only look great, but keep blood from pooling below the knee to prevent swelling. They also help minimize varicose veins by increasing circulation and help prevent tired, achy legs.


Best Athletic Sock Ever!

As any athlete knows, nothing is more frustrating than getting blisters on your feet. Small, but mighty, blisters can prevent an athlete from performing at their best. So, it’s incredibly important to practice prevention through well-fitting shoes and proper athletic socks.

SOLE© athletic socks are described by loyal users as the Best Socks Ever!  You really have to feel it to believe it!  They are available in 2 styles;


An ideal all-around activity sock. Soft, yet durable, with moisture control, increased strength, and excellent stretch recovery.  Available in 3 heights: no show, ankle and crew.


Bandages be gone! Proactive blister protection with two layers. The inner layer hugs your foot and slides against the outer layer, protecting your skin from friction to reduce the risk of blisters.  Available in 2 heights: ankle and crew.

With their moisture wicking technology and superior fit, these socks are a must-buy for any athlete.


Medical – An Amazing Diabetic Sock that won’t Break the Bank!


Medical socks are an integral part of the treatment regime for medical diseases, such as Diabetes. They provide special support and features not found in regular socks. These extra support and key features are needed because those who have Diabetes tend to have decreased blood flow in the feet, which results in a loss of feeling. A small injury, such as a blister, can go unnoticed by a person with diabetes simply because they cannot feel it. This often times propagates into an unhealing or infected wound, putting you at risk for a foot amputation.

The SIMCAN© diabetic comfort sock is the most comfortable high-stretch sock you will ever wear and is a great sock for those with Diabetes for the following 3 reasons;

1. It has a NO BIND TOP

It will not bind or restrict circulation on most legs. It is important to ensure that blood flows freely in a diabetic foot and ankle.


Although it is not restricting on the ankle, it also has maximum resistance to slipping down the ankle.

3. It has a SEAMLESS TOE

To prevent frictional blisters and pressure wounds, this sock has a totally seamless toe for maximum comfort and safety.


Whether you need socks for the office, weekends or simply when wearing athletic shoes, BioPed has you covered. You choose the socks that best compliment your wardrobe and we’ll choose the features that will insure your foot and leg comfort.

Call, email or drop by one of our clinics to determine which socks have the best combination of fashion and function for you!