Staying Comfortable During the Holidays

It’s holiday season – which means braving long lines, running out to grab ingredients, and spending hours on prep time in the kitchen. It is imperative that we listen to our body – any foot, ankle or leg pain should not be ignored.

How will your feet and legs survive the pounding of pavements and hours of standing? Easy – simply follow our guide on how to stay comfortable to give yourself the gift of comfort and avoid the holiday blues.


Comfortable Shoes

Plan your shoe wardrobe before heading out. You may need to pack these shoes in the morning if you are planning to shop after work. Consider the following:

  • If you have bunions, look for shoes with a wide toebox.
  • If you have high or low arches, wear shoes with proper arch support or ones that can accommodate your orthotics.
  • If you are prone to sweaty feet, wear breathable footwear (avoid “pleather,” or winter boots when shopping).
  • Do not wear a pair of shoes for the first time on a lengthy shopping trip.
  • Wear shoes for which you have been professionally fitted for, by a Pedorthist or Chiropodist, to avoid injury or pain.

Compression Socks

Compression stockings complete any host/hostess outfit and are the secret to legs feeling energized when entertaining. Medical sock companies have begun to serve up fashionable comfort for both men and women. Patterns such as stripes or argyle, styles such as tights or dress socks, work well with any holiday attire.

Ask your BioPed clinician or family doctor if compression socks are right for you and wear these often, especially when standing or seated for long hours. Compression stockings will significantly reduce:

  • Leg fatigue while shopping by improving blood flow returning from your feet to your heart, thus energizing tired leg muscles.
  • Swelling and leg achiness, which is a result of blood pooling below our knees (thanks to gravity) while standing for long periods.
  • Our risk of a deadly blood clot from being seated for extended periods on a plane
  • The likelihood of spider veins by keeping blood from being stagnant in the smallest of blood vessels while standing in line.

Compression stockings keep your leg muscles fatigue-free by ensuring muscle oxygen delivery via increased blood flow. Don’t let long hours on your feet dampen your party spirit with leg pain or swelling. Sock away the savings until December 31st at all BioPed clinics with our Buy 2 socks, Get 1 free promotion. Styles and sizes will vary by clinic. If you prefer to shop online, visit BioPed’s online store for footwear, compression socks, and more by clicking below.

BioPed clinicians are available for advice or assessment year round. Be proactive and wear compression socks and proper footwear for your next shopping excursion – your feet and legs will thank you!