Toenail Health

A talented Foot Specialist will have insight into your overall health, just by looking at your toenails. The lack of vitamins or minerals, or the presence of dehydration, nerve dysfunction and other diseases, such as kidney failure, can be evident to a BioPed Chiropodist just by examining your toenails.

For example, if you have psoriasis, your toenails can be affected too! They may discolour, have small divets and detach from the underlying nail bed.


Psoriatic Toenails

Fungal Toenails

Some infections, such as fungus, can cause the toenails to thicken, turn yellow and become flakey. Once the toenail thickens, it becomes almost impossible to trim and can look unsightly. BioPed Chiropodists and Foot Care Nurses are specialists in toenail care. They will trim your toenails and professionally file them such that they are aesthetically pleasing once again. Also, if you are using an anti-fungal medication on your toenails, they should be regularly “debulked.” Debulking the toenail consists of decreasing it’s thickness so that the medication can penetrate and do it’s job. A Chiropodist or Foot Care Nurse can do this safely with their professional grade equipment.


At BioPed, patients are relieved to find answers to their long-standing foot concerns. If you have struggled with thin, peeling, discoloured or brittle nails, you will be happy to know that BioPed now has a group of stellar products that can improve your nail health.


The BioPed Healthy Nail Tincture was developed in Germany. After undergoing testing in a research study, patients saw improvements in nail strength, brittleness, roughness and discolouration. Our professionals recommend using this product daily to improve nail health and ward off infection.

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is a Doctor-formulated salon quality, vegan-friendly, toxin-free polish that is infused with nutrients and is safe enough to use by pregnant moms and children. We love this product because it keeps nails healthy and wards off infection.

Maintaining or restoring toenail health is accomplished by using products such as those listed above and by visiting with a BioPed Registered Chiropodist or BioPed Advanced Foot Care Nurse. You should seek professional opinion when nails are thickening, painful, brittle, peeling, striped, pitted, ridged, discoloured, ingrown, infected or changing shape.

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