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BioPed Orangeville – Relieve Foot & Leg Pain – Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics to relieve foot & leg pain – BioPed Orangeville

We are your local foot & lower limb care team.
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Clinic Contact Information

88 First Street, Unit 5B,
Orangeville, ON Canada
L9W 3J6


T: 519-941-0192
F: 519-941-3961

Clinic Hours of Operation


Tuesday 10am – 6pm

Wednesday 9am– 5pm

Thursday 10am– 6pm

Friday9am – 5pm

Saturday9am – 2pm

Sunday Closed

(Evening appointments available by appointment)

Services Offered

Footcare Nursing
Custom Orthotics
Footwear Solutions
Lower Limb Bracing Solutions
Compression Therapy

Providing comprehensive footcare and custom orthotic solutions

At BioPed Orangeville, our multi-disciplinary team of Clinicians, including certified Pedorthists, and Advanced Footcare Nurses, are uniquely trained and certified to identify and treat conditions of the lower limb and foot in order to empower our clients to do more of what they love in life.

Our BioPed Orangeville Clinic provides comprehensive lower limb and footcare services, including assessments, gait analysis, and scanning and fabrication of custom orthotics in our on-site lab. Additionally, we offer our Orangeville clients compression and bracing solutions, as well as a wide selection of stylish, orthopaedic friendly footwear, and medical footcare services.

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Your Care Team

Salina Ramlagan,
Care Coordinator

Candice Mohammed,
RPN, Advanced Footcare

Ann M Cornwall,
RPN, Advanced Footcare

Our Unique Approach

BioPed has developed a unique approach to the assessment, fabrication, fitting, and adjustment of orthotics – designed to ensure that the patient gets the best possible result. Each BioPed client receives a comprehensive, hands-on biomechanical assessment focused on their feet and how they move. Any potential sources of pain and individual lifestyle factors are taken into consideration to develop a care plan that is unique to each client.

What is a Biomechanical Assessment?

A complete Biomechanical Assessment takes about 45 minutes. Various tests are undertaken beginning with an assessment of muscle strength and joint flexibility; examining joints and muscles while seated, standing and walking to determine if and where abnormal function and mechanics exists. Finally, lower limb alignment is a focus, both while standing and walking.

Your Footcare Clinician will ask you a series of questions. Some questions may focus on:

  • past/current health conditions
  • medications
  • previous injuries/surgeries
  • daily activity
  • workplace environment
  • current footwear

Your Treatment Plan

After the Biomechanical Assessment is complete, your Footcare Clinician will develop an optimal treatment plan and recommend various solutions that may include stretching , home care tips, orthotics , bracing, footwear, compression socks or the need for referral to another allied health care professional or specialist.

Depending on your condition, goals and treatment plan, a BioPed Biomechanical Assessment appointment may then include: the sizing of your feet, trying-on of shoes (indoor and outdoor), the measurement/casting of your legs for compression or bracing, and/or the casting of your feet for custom orthotics.

What you Should Bring to your Appointment

  • In preparation for your appointment, you should plan to bring the following:
  • Your referral/ prescription if you have one (not required for initial visit)
  • Recent imaging reports if applicable -Your 2 most commonly worn pairs of shoes
  • Shorts, or plan to wear pants that can be easily rolled above the knee
  • Insurance card, and be aware of your plan/coverage details prior to the appointment
  • BioPed intake form; completing this in advance is preferred

What to expect on your first Medical Footcare visit

Medical Footcare at BioPed is a comprehensive approach to lower limb health, by offering skin and toenail care in addition our other products and services. Your medical footcare team includes Advanced Footcare Nurses and Registered Chiropodists. To prepare for your first appointment, please bring a current list of your medications including dosages, remove toenail polish and plan to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out an intake form. This initial visit is scheduled for 30-45 minutes and will focus on reviewing your medical history, getting to know you better, as well as understanding your concerns and treatment goals. The Footcare Clinician will then assess your feet and offer treatments as time allows.

BioPed’s Advanced Footcare Nurses and Registered Chiropodists will perform similar footcare treatments on their clients, but their respective scopes of practice do differ. Routine nail care for ingrown and fungal toenails, callus and corn reduction, wart treatment and foot health education can all be carried out by both clinicians. Chiropodists can also prescribe medications and devices (orthotics, braces, footwear), perform soft tissue procedures (such as ingrown toenail surgery), administer injections (e.g. cortisone) into the foot and conduct biomechanical assessments and gait analyses.

When your first medical footcare appointment comes to an end, a follow-up appointment will typically be scheduled as consistent routine footcare is recommended for enhanced foot health. Your Footcare Clinician will spend time with you to ensure you leave your appointment feeling more comfortable, knowledgeable, empowered and optimistic about your foot health. Your BioPed medical footcare team shares a common goal – increasing your comfort and helping you do more in life.

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