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We’re all about inspiring you to do more+, whatever your more is!

Every Spring BioPed hosts the Do More walk, run, roll event in support of Easter Seals

Check out the Do More Event Now!

This is why we are so excited about our Annual Do More+ walk/run in support of Easter Seals. Our goal is to encourage each of you to take one more step today than you did yesterday, and by doing so, you are helping kids with physical disabilities lead more independent, mobile lives.

Be sure to join us this June and help a child live a more mobile and independent life!

Check out this Great Event and How to Register!

Be sure to join us this June and help a child live a more mobile and independent life!

Check out this Great Event and How to Register!

What make BioPed Footcare & Easter Seals the perfect fit?

Two words.
Empowering Canadians.

BioPed Footcare and Easter Seals are committed to providing services and resources that empower Canadians to do more. Whether treatment for foot pain with custom orthotics at BioPed or providing a walker, wheelchair or wheelchair ramp through Easter Seals, we want to see all Canadians moving with ease and in comfort, so that they can do more of what they love in life.

Getting out and Doing More+

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Easter Seals

A trusted partner and champion since 1922, Easter Seals Ontario is proud to be marking 100 years of changing the world for kids with physical disabilities.

Easter Seals is Canada’s largest local provider of programs, services, and issues-leadership and development for the disability community. Since 1922, Easter Seals Canada and its provincial member organizations have been working to create a more inclusive and accessible society that includes and honours the contributions and potential of Canadians of all abilities.

Forging the way for enhanced care and services for children with physical disabilities over the past century, Easter Seals Ontario has had a profound impact on the development of treatment, care, services and advocacy initiatives for these young people. Today, Easter Seals Ontario continues to offer life-changing programs that enable kids with physical disabilities to experience greater independence, freedom, and dignity, made possible through the generosity and dedication of donors, sponsors, local service clubs, volunteers and staff.