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Casting & Manufacturing

As no two patients, conditions or circumstances are identical, all BioPed Pedorthists are trained and experienced in a variety of casting techniques and will select the fabrication method which will produce the best end result for each patient. Your custom orthotics receive personal attention – every step of the way!


Following a thorough biomechanical assessment, both feet are casted using only three dimensional (3D) casting techniques including mouldable wax, foam, plaster casting or a pin array computerized system. (Taking a footprint on an ink pad or force plate does not qualify as a 3D cast and will not result in the best possible solution).


Your custom orthotics demand personal attention – every step of the way! That’s why, every BioPed Clinic is equipped with its own on-site lab where our professionals custom fabricate orthotics to the highest standards in the shortest period of time. The same professional who understands your condition, discomfort and goals, fabricates your custom orthotics for that very unique “custom” solution. (Unlike many Clinics, we do not send your orthotics to an outside lab facility to be made by someone who has never seen or spoken with you personally). Of course, all adjustments are made immediately so you are not inconvenienced with unreasonable delays.

In some cases, footwear customization may also be necessary – a process which can be completed on-site as well.