This article was published on: 08/18/21 12:04 PM

Back To School Shoe Checklist – BioPed Footcare

If your child keeps coming to you with shoe complaints or foot pain, you may want to ensure that your kid’s shoes meet BioPed Footcare children’s shoe checklist. When shopping for kid’s shoes, the goal should be to find a supportive, properly-fitting, well-ventilated shoe that promotes normal foot development and does not cause pain or fatigue. A new pair of kid’s shoes should NOT need to be broken in, despite what you may have heard over the years.

Here are some simple key features that can help you distinguish a good kid’s shoe from a poorly constructed shoe. BioPed Footcare recommends that a shoe has…

1) A Stiff Heel

The heel of the shoe should not collapse when you press on both sides. You must remember it is a shoe, NOT a taco! Good shoes should be made with comfortable materials. This specifically includes a composition of materials that are durable and breathable, ensuring your child receives the foot support in areas that are necessary for comfort.


2) A Flexible Toe

The toe of the shoe should NOT be too stiff or too malleable. A good shoe will bend with your child’s toes. Shoes with round and roomy toe boxes will help prevent bunions and blisters from developing. It is all about finding the perfect balance, and at BioPed we ensure all our available shoes allow for easy and balanced mobility.

childrens shoe

3) A Rigid Middle

“Come on baby, let’s do the twist!” You may remember that dance, but when it comes to a shoe it is very important to ensure that the shoe does NOT twist in the middle. As you consider all of the shoe options, you must ensure that you do not purchase kid’s shoes with thin soles. Thin soles can be easily punctured, and they also do not protect feet from hot pavement or cold weather, which is a major concern when it comes to outdoor fun.

childrens shoe

4) Breathable Materials

Breathable materials will protect feet from sweat and odor that is inevitable with all the activities that kids do. Let’s face it, you have enough to worry about already and your child’s stinky feet and wet socks should not be added to that list! A porous breathable fabric allows for air and moisture to pass through. This prevents odor and bacteria from developing and stops smells before they start. Breathable shoes also maintain foot temperature and assist with adaptability when the climate changes.

For a kid’s shoe that meets the checklist for your child, visit a BioPed clinic near you today! We have various styles available, including flip flops and sandals for all your needs regardless of the season.