The Children’s Shoe Checklist

Does your children’s shoe complete the checklist? When shopping for shoes for your child, keep in mind that the goal should be to find a supportive, properly-fitting, well-ventilated shoe that promotes normal foot development and doesn’t cause pain or fatigue. New shoes should not need to be broken in.

There are three key features that can help you distinguish a good shoe from a poorly constructed shoe.

1) A Stiff Heel

The heel counter shouldn’t collapse when you press on both sides.


2) A Flexible Toe

The toe box area shoudn’t be too stiff or too bendable. A good shoe will bend with your child’s toes.

childrens shoe

3) A Rigid Middle

Ensure that your child’s shoe doesn’t twist in the middle.

childrens shoe

For a proper shoe-fitting for you or your child, visit a BioPed clinic near you.