Conditions & Treatments

Suffering from foot or lower limb pain or discomfort? Learn about commonly diagnosed lower limb conditions including the causes, symptoms and recommended treatments related to foot, knee, leg and ankle pain

Foot & Heel Pain

On average, people take up to 10,000 steps each day. When typical movement patterns deviate from normal movement patterns, a variety of conditions can often result.

Ankle Pain

Sprains and degeneration can result from ligaments and tendons being stressed. Find out about the most common ankle conditions along with the available treatment option.

Knee Pain

Wear and tear of the knee can often lead to osteoarthritis, ligamentous injuries and muscular imbalances. Learn about the common causes, symptoms and treatments.

Leg Pain

Often experienced with long periods of standing and walking, leg pain can be caused by a combination of muscular pain, swelling or increased pressure in the veins.