Diabetic Footcare is a vital, but often overlooked area for Diabetic patients. People affected by Diabetes are vulnerable to a loss of feeling in their feet, which can cause them to overlook open wounds that can easily form. The open wound can become infected and can quickly escalate to requiring amputation (yes, AMPUTATION)! Many of these amputations can be avoided with proper footcare.

Diabetic Feet Are At Risk

Diabetes affects the nerve endings in your feet. This is called Diabetic neuropathy. As a result, Diabetic patients sometimes don’t feel the small cuts or blisters that a normal foot would feel. One important reason that Diabetic Canadians end up in hospital is due to a having a minor cut or abrasion that has become infected and can sometimes be so severe that it requires amputation! Foot infections and amputations can often be avoided with proper preventative footcare by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist and a Registered Chiropodist. Click below to learn about the types of Diabetic Feet that are at high risk.


With potentially devastating consequences, ensure that you are seeing a professional who understands Diabetic Footcare. BioPed Footcare has the largest team of Footcare Clinicians in Canada, working in partnership with Diabetes Canada. We provide Diabetic Foot Screens, with a goal to educate YOU. We also work with your Family Physician, or Nurse Practitioner, sending progress reports to keep the team informed. At BioPed, our differences make ALL the difference!

Foot Health Tips

In conjunction with regular Diabetic Foot Screenings, there are some best practices to ensuring that your foot health is at its best. This is especially applicable to Diabetic patients. Learn more about what you can do to best avoid foot complications associated with Diabetes.

Diabetic Friendly Foot Products

Did you know that several footcare products, such as over-the-counter corn removers, can be very dangerous for Diabetic feet? In several cases, they have resulted in unnecessary hospitalizations, wounds and infections. On the contrary, there are foot products specifically designed with Diabetic footcare in mind. Diabetic Socks, for example, are non-binding, non-elasticized, to avoid constricting blood flow. Diabetic Footwear has little to no seams, to avoid rubbing that can unknowingly lead to ulcers. To see more of these products available to Diabetics patients, take a look at the products that are offered by BioPed’s online shopping site.