Pain, Prevention and Treatment from Overtraining

This article was published on: 06/28/22 2:38 PM

Avoiding pain from overtraining

Pain, Prevention and Treatment from Overtraining

Don’t let too much training get the best of your feet! Taking care of your feet is key to doing more. Keep reading to see how to stop the pain and keep it away!

Symptoms of Overtrained Feet

Pain in your feet and muscle fatigue

We don’t like pain. When we spend too much time on our feet and overstress the lower limb musculature pain can develop. Paying attention to this is the first step. Monitoring pain can help to keep away the dreaded plantar fasciitis!

Abnormal callousing

Callousing can be a sign of overtraining. If your feet are not use to the pressure, hot spots can form, leading to callousing, corns, and even blisters!

Swelling in the feet

With higher activity loads comes swelling. Especially with a rapid increase in training or consistently high training volume, swelling can lead to pain, tighter-fitting footwear and other issues.

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Stretch, stretch, stretch

Without a doubt, stretching is the most important! Keeping everything loose and moving well is crucial to keeping the feet pain-free.

Proper fitting footwear and orthotics

Having shoes and orthotics that fit your feet is very important. If we can increase how efficient your feet are at managing the pressure you are putting them through, we are setting your feet up for success! 

Compression socks

Targeting the swelling before it happens with compression socks can help keep away aches while even helping improve performance!

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Pain Prevention

Addressing overtraining before it happens is always the best approach. When training or working, moderate your physical activity. Progressive overload is when you gradually increase the volume, frequency, resistance, or weight in training. Building slowly will help your feet get used to the workload. Making sure your feet are comfortable with footwear, orthotics, and compression socks will help prevent overtrained feet. 

If our feet know how to handle the pressure you put through them and manage the swelling that occurs with activity, you’ll be able to keep doing more of what you love.

Should I book an appointment?

If you feel like you are overtraining, have foot pain, sore feet or want more information, book an appointment today! At BioPed Footcare, we are here for you. Meet with one of BioPed’s lower limb clinicians to see how you can keep your feet healthy or how to rehabilitate an injury!

Tyler Ashurst |Canadian Certified Pedorthist, C. Ped (C), Honours B.Sc. Kinesiology