This article was published on: 08/23/21 10:38 AM

How To Tape Your Own Ankle – BioPed Footcare

Ankle sprains involve the stretching or tearing of important ligaments surrounding the ankle joint. These ligaments function to provide stability. When compromised with an injury, then pain, swelling, and long-term risk of instability or reinjury become a real concern. At BioPed, we seek to understand why someone is prone to ankle sprains and create a treatment plan that addresses the cause for concern. Treatment may involve orthotics, a change in footwear, an ankle brace or sleeve, strengthening exercises/physical therapy and an at home regime. At home, some clients like to tape their ankle with athletic tape, especially when they expect to be more active. We often get asked for pointers on how to tape an ankle for stability during activity. Here is a great diy ankle taping schematic that we recommend following for at home care.