If there’s one thing we’ve all accomplished this year, it’s that so many of us have now taken up the ever so popular summer sport; the game of golf. Feet pain, knee pain and just body pain in general can definitely hinder your skills when it comes to trying to complete your daily activities, so what can help?

If you’re experiencing knee pain while playing golf, you’re not alone. Although it may seem like a less active sport; golf can actually damage or cause pain to your knees just as much as any other sport or activity! Inflammation or pain in the knees can be caused by the twisting motion of your golf swing. At BioPed we have a solution that may help and that is our over-the-counter knee bracing options!

Wearing a knee brace while playing golf can do multiple things for you and your game such as:

• Reduce the pain and inflammation you may be getting by providing pressure around the joint

• Provide support as you walk from hole to hole

• Help relieve the pain in order to avoid taking medication once your game is done.

If you’re having trouble with knee pain and you’re not sure why, please know that you don’t need to suffer. A knee brace should be worn as soon as you start to feel any kind of pain, whether it be minor or major. Don’t let your golf game suffer just because your knees are! Claim your game and your health by choosing the right knee brace for you.

Not sure what knee brace is best? Head to our location page on www.bioped.com to book your risk-free assessment with one of our clinicians. There are so many different kinds of braces out there – you should make sure that you’re getting into the right one for you!