Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction


The tibialis posterior tendon runs along the inside of the ankle and shin. The tendon function to control the arch of your foot while walking.   Because it is used so much when waking, then tendon undergoes a great deal of stress.  For this reason, the tendon is vulnerable to injury.


The most common symptoms of Tibialis Posters Dysfunction include:

  • Collapsed arch.
  • Pain along the inside of the ankle.
  • Tendon is tender to touch.

Pain with walking.


The most common causes of Tibialis Posters Dysfunction include:

  • More common in females.
  • Overpronation (feet rolling in and flattening).
  • Overweight.
  • Previous injury to the area.
  • A shortened leg ( genetic or due to surgery).

Orthotics (Orthoses) – Must be prescribed by a physician

Custom made orthotics support the skeleton and soft tissues in the correct position. Orthotics are a long-term solution to prevent reoccurrence by controlling and / or correcting the mechanics that cause the problem. Orthotics for tibialis posterior dysfunction may include:

  • A raised arch area.
  • Built in angulations.



Footwear including therapeutic and orthopaedic shoes are integral to the treatment process. Certified Pedorthists are trained to fit patients with appropriate footwear. BioPed offers many types of footwear into which an orthotic device may be placed or worn alone. Footwear for Tibialis Posterior dysfunction may include the following features…

  • Additional medial stability to control the positioning of the foot.
  • Rocker soles to reduce the tension placed along the tendon.


Modifications to footwear are also available at the discretion of the Pedorthist.