Meniscal Tear


There are two menisci in the knee; one on the inside and one on the outside of the knee. They work primarily as shock absorbers and stabilizers of the joint along with providing necessary nourishment to surrounding structures

The most common symptoms associated with meniscal Injuries include:

  • Frequent catching or locking of the joint
  • Pain that goes away quickly
  • Initial swelling

The most common causes of meniscal Injuries include:

  • Repetitive activities causing wear and tear of the joint
  • A strong twisting force during sports participation

Meniscal Braces

Braces are recommended to facilitate the recovery process. They provide stability by decreasing those motions that cause increased pain including side-to-side motions and twisting motions. When wearing a brace, patients return to their daily activities quicker and with less risk of re-injury.