Between the two bones making up the knee joint is a cushioned substance known as cartilage. Its purpose is to allow the bones to move smoothly over each other. When the cartilage and surrounding bone become worn down, this is termed “osteoarthritis”.


The most common symptoms associated with an osteoarthritic knee include:

  • Stiffness upon waking in the morning.
  • Aching with movement.
  • “Cracking” or knee giving away sensations.

The most common causes of osteoarthritic knee pain include:

  • Repetitive bending and lifting.
  • Bony malalignments.
  • Weight gain.

Arthritic Braces
Braces will redirect weight away from the arthritic areas as well as regain stability. They are recommended for individuals who wish to remain active.


Orthotics (Orthoses) – Must be prescribed by a physician
Flat or high arched feet can create imbalanced pressures at the knee. Custom made orthotics work to minimize and redistribute the pressures while reducing pain levels.


Footwear with wide bases and firm arches or those with lateral postings (depending on the exact location of the arthritis) provide an appropriate base of support for the knee in order to minimize wear and tear.