This article was published on: 11/22/19 9:28 AM

Tips For Diabetic Footcare During The Winter Months!

Winter can be hard on your Feet, especially if you are Diabetic! It is important to stay on top of your Foot Health during the Colder Weather, and this can involve some steps that you previously never would have thought of. Let’s go over a few tips that you can use to regulate your Foot Health all Winter long!


It is important to make sure your Feet are healthy, and this also includes your Toenails. Look for any cuts or wounds that may be present, as these can lead to infections. If you notice anything concerning, let your Doctor know as soon as you can. It is also very important to regularly visit your team of lower limb clinicians at BioPed. We provide complementary assessments for Diabetics, all year long! To learn more about these services, click HERE!


Did you know that Cold Weather and dampness combined with decreased Circulation in your Feet can increase your risk for a Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU)?? Don’t be afraid, we’ll help make sure this doesn’t happen! Simply ensure your Winter Boots provide warmth, protection from Snow and that they have proper padding inside them. Avoid Boots that are too tight because this reduces Blood Flow and it will just make your Feet even Colder. Avoid Mesh/Breathable Shoes during the Winter months as these will let out too much heat and your Feet will have to work twice as hard to warm themselves up again!


Wet soggy Shoes and Socks are never a good time… especially if you’re a Diabetic! Did you know this can be life threatening? Moisture that collects for too long between your Socks and feet allows for potentially problematic Bacteria to grow! You will also need to dry your Feet carefully AND fully, including between your Toes! Bring a towel and spare pair of Socks around with you just in case you run into some unexpected puddles and slush! Change out of wet Socks as soon as possible to avoid any Bacteria development on your Feet.


Diabetic Nerve Damage and Poor Circulation can cause decreased function of the moisturizing glands of your Feet. Your Skin may also tend to be drier during the Winter Months, so it is good to combat against this by using a proper moisturizer. BioPed Footcare recommends using Foam products as opposed to other Lotions because Foams get absorbed quicker, and they also do not leave as much product behind after being wiped in. You will also need to ensure you dry the excess Lotion and product out from between your Toes to prevent any infections from happening due to the trapped moisture.


Cutting your Nails is critical to avoid infections. Sometimes however, this can be a challenge for some individuals! If you have a hard time cutting your Nails, one tip to do is to soak your nails before cutting them. This will help to soften the Nails and make cutting them much easier! If you can’t reach your Feet or if you are uncomfortable doing this on your own, you can also visit your local BioPed Footcare clinic and our Chiropodists will be happy to help with cutting your Toenails.


Diabetes impacts the Nerves which also makes feeling temperatures difficult in some cases. Be careful when using heating products such as; electric blankets, hot soaks, heating pads or warming your Feet in the bath/shower. This could be burning your Feet and you may not even know it! One tip is to always check the water temperature before submerging your Feet in the water. If the water temperature is too hot for your Hands, it is too hot for your Feet.


Diabetes makes regulating your blood sugar a MUST! This includes your diet and exercise. Make sure you are regulating your levels and getting the proper amount of exercise on a daily basis. This is not only required for footcare, but also for Diabetic Health as a whole. If you have a hard time regulating your diet and exercise it may be best to see your Doctor. BioPed Footcare offers products that can assist with exercise and make you feel more comfortable. We carry Footwear, Knee Bracing, Creams and most importantly Custom Orthotics!

Now that you know what to do to better care for your Feet, it is important to implement these tips into your footcare routine! At BioPed Footcare we offer complementary Diabetic Risk Assessments all year long! We are always happy to help, and we will be with you every step of the way. To schedule your assessment and find a clinic near you, click HERE!