Chiropodists are lower limb clinicians and registered health care practitioners who provide medical footcare at BioPed clinics. They can prescribe oral and topical medications and perform injections into the feet. In this blog, we will explore foot issues BioPed Chiropodists assess and treat. Discover how a chiropodist can help you today!

Fungal toenails

Fungal nails can be thick, misshapen, discoloured, crumbly and smelly. They can occur on the big or small toes and are treated with topical or oral antifungals.

For topical solutions to be effective, the nail must be thin enough for the treatment to penetrate to the nail bed where the fungus resides. A Chiropodist can significantly reduce the thickness of the nail plate or remove the nail plate altogether. If the nail is removed completely, once it has fully healed, a topical treatment.

Ingrown toenails

Any painful nail is considered an “ingrown.”

You may experience pain when the nails are significantly curved or when a spike of a nail punctures the skin at the side of the nail. Ingrown nails usually respond well to correct nail cutting, properly fitted footwear and patient education.

BioPed Chiropodists can apply nail bracing which helps alleviate pressure at the sides. They can also perform nail avulsions to remove the offending nail and prevent a recurrence.

Corns & callus

Corns and calluses appear as thickened skin on the bottom or tops of the feet and in between the toes.

Corns and calluses can be painful because of the high pressure or friction caused when moving around. To offset the pain in the feet, a person might alter how they walk, creating other issues.

BioPed Chiropodists will remove corns and callus using a scalpel blade and they can also prescribe custom foot orthotics which can correct gait and offload high-pressure areas. Chiropodists can also recommend properly fitted footwear appropriate for specific activities and foot types to increase comfort and function.

Plantar warts

Warts have a cauliflower-like texture, black dots, and are usually painful when lateral pressure is applied. They can occur suddenly and appear anywhere on the foot. Caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), warts can be challenging to cure.

Chiropodists will debride wart tissue to allow chosen treatments to work better. This could include liquid nitrogen, silver nitrate, salicylic acid and Cantharidin. In addition to conservative treatments, chiropodists can also perform wart needling and wart excision.

Toe deformities

Hammertoes, claw toes and bunions are all forms of toe “deformities”. They can cause pain and discomfort making finding the right footwear a seemingly impossible task.

To address toe deformities, Chiropodists can make toe props with a silicone-like material which can help straighten the toes when weight-bearing. They can also perform an in-office procedure such as a tenotomy which involves cutting the contracted or tight tendon, instantly straightening the affected toe.

Diabetes & foot health

People who have diabetes are more susceptible to infection and complications such as peripheral neuropathy. To ensure proper foot health is maintained, BioPed chiropodists will perform routine nail and skincare treatments. Diabetes Risk Assessments help determine a person’s risk for complications and provide education on how to inspect feet at home between appointments.

Biomechanical treatment

Chiropodists are trained in assessing gait or walking and the quality of movement of the foot joints. Depending on the lower body mechanics, a Chiropodist may prescribe custom foot orthotics to correct alignment and the way someone walks or runs.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a recreational runner or just someone who wants to stay active, a BioPed chiropodist can help you move better and more efficiently which, can prevent injury and can alleviate pain and discomfort.