You have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Kicking off your shoes, walking around the pool or with your toes in the sand at the beach. Life is good.

Summer is a great time to get outside and do more, but have you been taking care of your feet? Do your feet require some end-of-summer care to prepare for fall?


Summer & your feet

Several factors influence how much footcare you need.

For example, going barefoot, the types of footwear you wear or even your summer activities all matter. Footwear (or lack of footwear) plays a significant role in overall foot health.
During the summer, we generally wear less supportive shoes. This puts our feet at a higher risk for calluses because of inadequate support and exposure to environmental stressors (gravel, rocks, sticks, etc.). To prevent this, ensure to wear appropriate, supportive and properly fitted footwear. This is especially important as you transition to fall weather and into more enclosed shoes.

We also often forget about the heat and how it affects the feet during the summer. The hotter it gets, the sweatier our feet are. Keep an eye on this because proper management will reduce the risk of developing toe fungus and stinky feet! Things to keep in mind; switching to more breathable shoes and spraying them with deodorant or sweaty foot spray.

With warm weather in the summer, many tend to be more active. The increased activity is important to note and manage to ensure your feet are healthy and happy (especially) as you transition to the fall! You will have to adjust your footcare routine depending on the activity.

If you run or hike more often than sitting at the beach, you might need extra care. Consider if your job tends to be more active in the hotter months compared to the cooler months. Most issues can be prevented by listening to your feet, noticing issues, and addressing them immediately.

What can you do?

Let’s take care of our feet!

Take care of those calluses! Use a pumice stone to take down excessive callusing on your own visit one of BioPed’s amazing Advanced Footcare Nurses/Chiropodists if you need extra care.

Make sure your shoes are up to date! Feet work best in shoes less than 6-12 months old. If you feel the aches and pains coming back after a long summer of doing more, you most likely need new shoes.

See your nearest BioPed Canadian Certified Pedorthist! This is always the best approach as they will be able to craft a personalized treatment plan that will work for your specific needs.

Products for your feet!

To take care of your toe fungus and callus-related needs try Footlogix Nail Tincture, Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula, and Foot File.

For relief after a long day, use a BioPed Massage Ball (it even doubles as a great dog toy)!

Compression socks – To help with the swelling that occurs the longer you are on your feet and can keep them warmer as the winter approaches!