Finding the right footwear for your feet is just as essential as getting the perfect glasses for your eyes from an eye specialist. In fact, our feet are amazing structures that carry us through life and require expert care to function properly. They act as shock absorbers and levers with each step we take, and when our feet are in good health, we hardly ever think about them. However, when problems arise, they can significantly impact our quality of life and bring us to a grinding halt.

We seldom make the connection, but our quality of life is largely dependent on our foot health. Many foot issues can be caused by genetic predispositions or conditions, such as diabetes or arthritis, while others may result from overuse, traumatic injuries, or improper footwear. Fortunately, Canadian Certified Pedorthists are specifically trained to address foot and lower limb biomechanical conditions.

As graduates with an undergraduate degree, typically in kinesiology or science, and a graduate diploma in Pedorthics, be assured that their background and training in biomechanics is thorough. Canadian Certified Pedorthists, C. Ped (C)s, are experts in the design, modification, and manufacture of footwear, custom foot orthotics and supportive devices to address lower limb pain and conditions. They work closely with physicians, nurse practitioners and patients to ensure feet are well cared for. Also, Pedorthists are compression fit certified, lower limb brace experienced, and footwear fit experts. And if no off-the-shelf shoe is working, they can modify footwear to ensure shoes not only fit but also function.

At BioPed Footcare, the mission of our Canadian Certified Pedorthists is to alleviate pain, prevent tissue and joint damage, and restore foot function, allowing clients to lead more fulfilling lives. They do this by conducting a full biomechanical assessment, comprised of assessing symptoms, gait analysis, and medical history to determine the best possible solution for you.

If you are experiencing any foot pain, have limited mobility, or discomfort from a condition, such as bunions or knee arthritis, a visit to a BioPed Pedorthist can provide the relief you need and help you do more of what you love.

Put your feet and lower limbs in good hands with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist at any of BioPed Footcare’s 85+ clinics across Canada! Find a BioPed Footcare clinic near you today by clicking below.