fat loss and foot pain

Fat Loss and Foot Pain

Why is it that we often lose weight where no one notices? For example, in our feet! Did you know that as we age, the fat pad under our feet that cushions our heels and balls of our feet wears thin? Foot experts refer to this as fat pad atrophy.


At one time our feet were quite cushioned…

With age or certain medication use, the fat wears thin underneath our feet and we feel pain from walking on our foot bones with little cushioning. Sometimes the pressure can result in a callus or a corn. For some patients, this explains why they suddenly have a callus under the ball of their foot that was not previously there as a young adult.

In the heel specifically, the fat pad is composed of columns of adipose tissue separated by fibrous sheets. It is located directly beneath the heel bone and acts as a hydraulic shock-absorbing layer. Some patients are misdiagnosed with a “heel spur” or “plantar fasciitis” when in fact, the diffuse pain is simply a result of fatty tissue wearing thin and the heel bone making contact with the delicate skin.


Our Pedorthists and Chiropodists conduct thorough biomechanical exams to determine why you are having foot pain. If they determine that in fact your heel pain or ball of foot pain is due to fat pad atrophy, they can create a custom orthotic for your foot, with a deep heel cup, metatarsal pad and extra cushioning throughout. Isn’t it time that you felt like you’re walking on a cloud?